How much do LV add on for special orders ?

  1. Hi, does anoyone know how much LV add on for special orders. Say I wanted a Monogram Groom much would they add on to the cost of the keepall ? :smile:
  2. I heard it's additional 30%... But do correct me if I'm wrong... :P I also heard not all SO can be done. Is groom a limited edition or discontinued line?
  3. limited edition, I think its worth asking but I dont want to go in and ask and my SA says $4,000 and im like :sad:
  4.'s an extra 30% more above what it normally costs....but with a LE line they may not be able to do it. I would call your SA and see if it can even be done.
  5. I don't think they do SO for limited edition, but I guess, no harm asking... :P
  6. does anyone know when the groom actually comes out cause Im gunna ask about november...thats when I'll have enough money for a special order. I want the keepall 45 (without strap) with the groom on the right side of the bag with the orange or blue line
  7. If LV can't do requests for Special Order on new bags that just came out, for example the Saleya, I highly think that LV will deny the request to Special Ordering a Groom Keepall. ;) Too bad the Groom line is a limited Edition. :sad:

    Bags have to be out for about 1-2 years before they can actually accept requests for Special Ordering. :yes:
  8. what special order do you think is good for the Keepall, do you think they could make a perfo one ?
  9. I doubt LV can make a Perforated Keepall, since I believe the Monogram Perforations line is also Limited Edition... :sad:
  10. :sad: What would you recommend for special order for the keepall 45 ?
  11. They can't do SO for limited editions, especially the printed ones. It would be cost prohibitive and a logistical nightmare to try and print 1 piece. The presses that print the canvas is huge and takes huge rolls of canvas.
  12. Hmmm... basically the only canvas I wanted to SO from LV was Damier, but it's already produced...

    I can't think of any other lines that I would like on the Keepall...
  13. do you think they would do an LV stamped collection keepall 45 or an antigua one ?
  14. The Stamped Line is also a Limited Edition line, if I'm not mistaken?

    A blue Antigua Keepall would look great... I can picture it a little... [I have the Neverfull in mind...]
  15. They might do an antigua one, but it might not be very practical. The antigua is pretty soft and wouldn't have much structure...and it would get pretty dirty they have the weekend bag in some antigua. The racing one comes to mind.