How much do I want Jack & Lucie?

  1. I was so shocked today when I was browsing on elux and Jack & Lucie popped up, so I put it in my shopping cart and it's there right now. I am trying to decide how much I want it. I've always thought it was so adorable every time I've seen one on one of your bags, but now that I have the chance to take it I can't decide. It's the mono colorway. I will probably take it just to take it and return it if I change my mind, but if one of you REALLY WANTS it, let me know, ok? It is the only one they have right now.

    I'd kill for a Pampilles Key Holder too. I put a framboise in my cart last week but let it go because I really want perle or the pomme d'amour. Now it seems like they'll never get another one.

    That's part of the intrigue I suppose: Jack & Lucie is limited, right? :graucho:
  2. Oh, I would get it if I were you. Those little guys are growing on me! They are too cute, and the mono is perfect with anything!
  3. Go for it.. they will make you smile.. they are to cute
  4. Git it...git er done! (THat was my best attempt as a 'southern-drawl enabler'! :smile:
    (I think they're great!)
  5. Thanks for the encouragement. :p And... I have birthday $ I want to spend, haha. I just don't want to wait until September or October to get to use it, and it does seem rather seasonal, doesn't it? But sooo cuuuuuute!
  6. get it get it!!!
  7. LOL, nice job, Mshel! Y'all rock. All y'all! ;)
  8. i just got the orange and white one. i think i want the mono but i endedup with this i think. i kept going back and forth too. i just finally said i can always sell it if i don't like it...
  9. Thanks Hlfinn. I thought of that too (selling it) but I wouldn't buy it just to do that. I've never sold anything on eBay although I've sure bought a lot, ha! I saw only one on eBay and it's selling for a lot, so that would be possible, but I think once I got it I'd fall in love and never be able to let it go!

    I'll wait a while longer in case someone contacts me saying they're just dying to have it, like I feel about that pampilles key holder. :heart: But in about an hour it'll probably be minemineminemine!!!!! Hee hee!
  10. I've been wanting one forever now!! How much are they?
  11. It was $240. It's on the way. :yahoo:
  12. ^Congrats! And Great choice!

    I recieved one during Christmas and still love it to bits! It adds a little something to your bag!
  13. Congrats hon!! Show us pics of the happy couple when they arrive!!
  14. Thank you, all of you. You totally talked me into it. Now I can't wait for them to get here!
  15. got it! I think you're just going to love that sweet lil package when it comes to you...very exciting!