How much do high end seasonal part time jobs usually pay?

  1. I was looking on craigslist and theres A TON of part-time seasonal job openings avaliable. Specifically, Tiffany's and LV got my attention. Does anyone have any idea how much those would pay for seasonal employees? Thanks in advance.
  2. I worked at Macys last xmas as a seasonal. It was NOT great.
    They paid me $7 and hour + 2% commision. ( I think it was 2 or 3..forgot)

    I didn't last very long, perhaps just a few days.
  3. Here you can get from about 18 to 24 $$ for a regular seasonal or part time job. With or without comission. Interesting to hear how it is around the globe. :smile:
  4. My friend just got a job at Coach making around 14/hr
  5. not high end, but my friend just got a job at Sephora for $12/hr
  6. Holy moly!!!! That's pretty good pay for a retail job!!
  7. I know! I read that and was seriously considering getting another job...

    I just wouldn't be able to sleep again- just go from one job to the other haha
  8. Where exactly is "here"? That seems pretty high