How much do decolletes (black) retail for?

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  1. I thought they were 575 (barney's website) but I was charged 595 from saks?
  2. The prices have increased. They were $560 earlier in the summer last year.
  3. The decollete price has gone up twice since summer 08.
  4. Saks sometimes has different prices as well. I think their price for the Babel was $200 more than Barneys.
  5. ^^ that's a huge diff!
  6. Yikes! M. Louboutin is getting greedy ;) Good thing I got my decolletes when I did.
  7. Yes, the decolletes at Sak's are now $595 which isn't as bad as the $625 Net-a-Porter is charging.
  8. It could just be inflation causing the prices to increase. I know it definitely plays a factor.
  9. Are the decolletes online at saks, or do you have to go to the store?

    Also, how do they run size wise? I am a 37.5 in the simples... Thanks!
  10. Inflation is not causing prices to go up that fast.

    I personally wear the same size in Decolletes and Simples (36.5), but I think most ladies here go 1/2 size larger for Decolletes.

    Saks online does not carry them.
  11. Now if we all could print money like Mr. Bernanke, we could buy all the shoes we wanted!