How much do Chanel Wallets cost?

  1. Since you can't purchase them online and there isn't a store that has them where I live, I was just curious how much one would cost with credit card slots, place for change etc.
  2. i just recently purchased one from the cruise line for around $510.00
  3. I have this Cambon checkbook style wallet - it was $595 back in November

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  6. I think the wallet range is from $500-$750...Hope this helps
  7. Thanks!
  8. The cambon wallet prices went up this year according to my SA. The small cambon wallet went up from $565 to $595 I believe and the larger one did too but I don't remember the exact prices.
  9. The larger cambon one is $615 now.
  10. I got this one for $455. It has 3 cc slots, but I just stick the rest in that pocket. There's a zip pocket for change/bills, another pocket in front. Also a pocket on the back. The bigger ones with more cc slots were 500-700 I think.


  11. I bought a great size Chanel wallet a while ago for about $700.00, but it matters on what your looking for.
  12. the classic was 615- 4-6 slots, inside coin purse, big eough for checkbook-in quilted caviar leather
  13. mine..long cambon... cost US$785 (with tax)
  14. from what i remember, these ladies are right, that's how much it costs around. and the price has increased
  15. My long PNY wallet was $695. Plenty of credit card slots and little compartments. A zip compartment as well as two areas for bills. I love this wallet.