How much do Britney and J.Lo weigh?

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  1. I have noticed J.Lo was lost a ton of weight, does anyone have any idea how much her or Britney weigh?
  2. I'm guessing Brit weighs around 150. She sure has gained her weight since her revealing around the time that FedEx album came out. J Lo looks awesome I couldn't say........
  3. Brit is 5'4".
    J-Lo is 5'6".

    Shorter than I imagined...

    Anyway, knowing their height might help narrow the weight thing down...
  4. Thanks, surely Brit can't weigh that much, her legs are skinny and her bottom is tiny!
  5. Not to mention muscle weighs more than fat and that camera adds 10lbs.
  6. Knowing their height i'd say Britney is about 140 and Jlo around 130.
  7. I am 5'4 and weigh 120 give or take a few pounds...I say brit weighs 130.
  8. Brit used to weigh 130 in her heyday - she's said it so many times. However, she is prolly 150 now, her body isn't the same as it was when she was skinny and younger.

    Jlo has been pretty consistent with her body over the years, not too skinny but not overweight either so prolly around 135.
  9. I am about 128, 130 and am 5'3 and a half and they are both way thinner than me! lol
  10. They are both pretty muscular so I would guess Brit now is 110-120 and Lopez 120-130. Everyone carries weight differently so its so hard to guess.
  11. I definitely think britney weighs more than 110-120!!! But if your body is toned and in good shape who cares what you weigh?? i believe I read somewhere that britney used to wear a size 2-4. If you can fit the size clothes you want who cares what the scale says?? Muscle weighs more.
  12. there's NO way Brit is under 130! She's not smaller than me and I'm about 5'3" and 128.
    At her teeniest she may have been 110, but not after 2 kids and her careless nutrition.
  13. I just always think she looks tiny! If I could have anyone's bod it would be hers in the slave video!
  14. ^that was THEN, that's not who or what Britney is NOW.
    That Brit is l o n g gone!
  15. I know - shame! And look at Christina now, how things change!