how much do balenciaga bags cost?

  1. I'm thinking of buying my first balenciaga bag and I don't live near a store that sells them. I'm currently saving up money to buy a new handbag in Vegas and was wondering how much money it will cost. I'm not sure of the style so any info. will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. $995 and up
  3. Two legit online sellers of new bags that I know of with pricing info:
    Sabine's Boutique

    One legit online seller of pre-loved bags:
    Ann's Fabulous Finds

    And of course, you can do some research on eBay.
  4. I also have a complete price list from Aloha Rag with all of the official retail prices. Please PM me, if I should send it to you.
  5. Sorry seahorseinstripes - this PM thing was actally intended for gucci fan. I was in a hurry.
  6. FYI - If you do go to Vegas, the best place for Balenciaga bag shopping is at NM in the Fashion Show mall. Also, you might want to check Talulah G at the same mall. They said that they would start carrying Bbags in March. I am supposedly on their mailing list, but I haven't gotten anything from them yet.
  7. anywhere from $800-3,000
  8. "Too much" is the response that my hubby will give.

    The atelier naff site has a page with a listing of most of the styles and a price tag associated with each. It's a fabulous resource!
  9. i was in Vegas 10 days ago and there they have Balenciagas at Neiman Marcus in the Fashion Show Mall. If I remember correctly the First was $975 or $985 and the City was $1195.
    After being in Vegas i went to LA and there i finally made up my mind and bought my first bbag:yahoo:
  10. LOL! Ditto here.:nuts:
  11. Thanks guys. I really appreaciate it. I will def. go to Neimans and see if I like them as much in person.
  12. In Australia....way too expensive:cursing: