how much discount should i ask for a display piece prada?

  1. i am thinking of buying one of their display pieces, since getting one just like it from another country will take awhile and the condition can't be guaranteed. i only managed to take a look at it for a few seconds the last time i was there because i did not seriously consider getting it then. but i was reminded of a similar bag displayed under some very strong window lightings, and the hardwares of the bag was so warm that it made me realize of how damanged a display piece can be, espeically ones with such beautiful soft leather.

    they offered 10% off. i agreed, but now i am beginning to think if i should have asked for 15%, or even 20%, depending on the condition.

    is 10% fair for a much handled sometimes trashed around display piece? the few seconds i had to look at it, i saw some minor scratches, which would eventually happen with such leather, and the bag had been made to stand in such a way that the leather at the bottom sort of folded in a way that looked like it was going to be permanent.

    can you help with you opinions or experience with buying prada that was a display piece?

    thank you so much!
  2. Some of the Prada stores sell their display piece for 40 percent off at their sales. Don't know if that helps.
  3. hi LC. thanks for that pointer. i wonder why they said that they normally only give 5% off display pieces. there was even one time when someone apparently paid full price for a display piece becuse the bag was sold out everywhere else.

    this bag i am looking to buy is part of the F/W 07 collection. the degrade/gradient mediaum frame bag with silver hardwares on its handles and around its buckles.

    i know that the R 07/08 is in, and S/S 08 is coming. so they should be looking to move past season items in the boutique. but during the prada sale, this particular bag was not on offer for discount.

    i wonder if i should push for 20% discount for the F/W 07 display bag.....
  4. Prada doesnt normally discount bags EVER,,U r lucky if u got 10%!!!
  5. ^Really? I've seen a lot on! I've always thought that Prada is discounted often unlike chanel or as we all know LV. :smile:
    Yes, I have gotten 10% before too.
  6. hmm.. OK. they obviously have sales = selling at discounted price. but if by "discounted" we mean price cutting for those non-sale items then i understand... they don't normally do that.

    my understanding so far is that display pieces fall under a different category since their conditions are normally compromised due to much handling by curious and interested customers.

    longchamp, what kind display pieces were you referring to? past seasons or current ones?

    well, i know that sometimes they have to return display pieces to milan and are not allowed to sell them.

    the display piece i have in mind is from the F/W 07 season. i suppose the season of the display piece in question might also be part of the consideration...
  7. m, can i know what the circumstances of your 10%? (i am assuming this is not the regular sale we are talking about). thanks!

  8. I've seen that bag on more sales tables than I can count!!!

    Call Bob Ellis Shoes in Charlotte NC and ask for Komavi. They have this version for 50% off!!!


    And this one too:

  9. damn! that's a good deal. but what i am currently buying is the framed version of the bag on the right, with silver hardwares on handles and around buckles. no one other than padparasha seemed to know which i am talking about....
  10. Hiya Bagpunk!!

    That was nice that Prada offered 10% off for the display bag. I say ask for 20 and see what happens. Worse they can say is "no".. right? And then you can decide if it's worth it to pay the 10. Can you go and see the bag again before having it delivered to your home? if so, go there, and just be ready to buy, but let them know you'd like a futher discount and point out the reasons why. If your SA knows you and they know they'll make a sale they may just do it. Heck, they've got a TON of bags on for 50 off, so why wouldnt they discount 1 bag just a bit further? Just my opinion!!

    I can't wait till you get the bag girl!!! I'm dying!!! :p
  11. [​IMG]
  12. TADAAAA!!!! she wouldn't budge... so it was 10%... it is a bit beaten about. but, i am happy... :girlsigh:
  13. OMG I am soooooooooooooooo in LOVE!!! It's GORGEOUS bagpunk!!! Just gorgeous!!! :love::love::love:
  14. Ok.. I had to re-post this gorgeous bag in the vertical position so I could better admire it!! :heart:

  15. hehehe thanks pad!!