How much did your private insurance cover your pregnancy?

  1. Hi all,
    I was just much did your insurance cover of the cost of your delivery (natural or C-section) and what kind of out of pocket expenses did you incur?
  2. I was covered for about 20k and my son 7.5k for staying in the NICU for two weeks. I think I've paid a few hundred dollars out of my pocket. lol.. My expenses were pretty high since I stayed in the hospital for a couple of weeks.
  3. ^^thats still not terribly high, congrats!
  4. From pre to postnatal and delivery, total bill $22,000USD, insurance paid half. BTW, i delivered in Hong Kong.
  5. With my first, I had to pay an initial $30 copay to the OB & then a $200 copay to the hospital.

    So far with this pregnancy, I have paid about $100 in copays but most of them have gone to the specialist that did my quad screen testing. We have different insurance this time around so I will only have $150 copay for the hospital.

  6. wow, thats a lot.. how come the price of delivering a child is so expensive these days...
  7. 80% of everything at the hospital.
  8. Ours is $15 copay per office visit. Everything else is 100%.
  9. Out of pocket, I probably paid about $300 for all prenatal care, C-section, all tests and a 5 day hospital stay.
  10. $25 co-pay for office visit, all other was covered by insurance; exact bill was $33K+.
  11. $10 copay for first office visit, no charge for additional office visits or hospital charges. My insurance plan was great.
  12. FIrst was 100% as it was an HMO. The others were covered 100%; though I had co-pays of $25 at each visit of the specialists. Not bad considering my last pregnancy and delivery came to $135,000. No complaints.
  13. $25 for my initial visit, and everything else was covered.
  14. We have a PPO and our gross bill was about $10,000 for the labor and delivery (includes 2 day hospital stay, natural delivery and epidural). I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket, but we did an elective 4-D ultrasound that ran about $100, so that was the only cost incurred. All my check-ups were covered 100% as well.
  15. We were covered 100% for my first child and had to $500 something total for the second( both were c-sections).
    The initial prenatal visit was $25 then covered 100% after that.