How much did your patent leather CL pumps stretch?

How much did your patent leather CL pumps stretch?

  • Fit perfectly at first, too big now

  • Fit perfectly at first, still fit perfectly

  • Very tight at first, still very tight or too tight

  • Very tight at first, fit perfectly now

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Oct 9, 2013
It seems like a lot of people wonder about this as well, so I thought it might be good to have one thread where everyone can share their experiences and see the results of the poll.

For those of you who own patent leather CL pumps and have worn therm for awhile, how much did they stretch? If you started out with a pump that fit perfectly, did it stay that way or eventually get too big? and if you started out with a pump that was really tight, did it stay too tight or stretch to fit comfortably? :smile: Thanks!


Feb 16, 2009
It seems to vary a little depending on the style or maybe the year.....I have a pair of New Decoltissimo black patent and they stretch very fact after about two wears, they are sort of a loose fit....on the other hand, I have the same New Decoltissimo in Nude Patent and Burgunday Patent(Rouge Noir), and Navy Patent that took about 8-9 wears before they molded to my foot and now are a comfortable fit, but not what I would say loose.....Interesting, my pair of Nude Patent New Decoltissimo developed cracks in the leather.....when I noticed those cracks I contacted the boutique(Las Vegas-Palazzo) and they immedialtely exchanged it for a brand new pair without cracks....

I also have the Decollette 554's in Black Patent, Navy Patent and Nude patent and they are taking about 3-4 wears before they stretch/mold to my foot...none have become loose though....

I have a pair of Decollette 886 in nude patent that just does not seem to stretch at all...have worn it about 6 times...


May 20, 2011
In my opinion, old Pigalles stretch the most, maybe because the sides are cut so low and they are not so sturdy.
My almond and round toe pumps don't really give much because shoes have "more leather" on them and hold the shape better.


Apr 15, 2010
Owned Bianca 140mm and they stretched so much I put in a hot car to tighten up, it helped but my foot was still too small for them so I sold.
I also own Top La OxBlood patent and same with them. My heel would flip out if there wasn't a strap to hold me down. Will eventually sell. Can't do it yet😪.

My Hyper prives were very tight brand new after 3 wears they are perfect!!!!! The first wear I wore nylon tights with them. That may have helped. Idk.


Acting My Wage
Aug 10, 2008
great question..can a cobble stretch open a tight patent toe box (i.e Rolando)?

I took my Rolando's to a cobbler and they didn't stretch at all. What I did that helped was put in a tightly rolled up bikini bottom in the toe box and left them in there for over a week. I also own the patent leather Corneille's and they fit perfectly without needed to be stretched at all. I bought those in my true size unlike the Rolando's being 1/2 size up.