How much did your Louis Vuitton bag cost back in 2005?

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  1. I bought my first designer bag (not an LV) in 2005. I have now bought my first LV. I am really interested in how much prices have increased since then. I am especially interested in Speedy 30 prices!
    Please post away! :smile:
  2. My monogram Looping GM was $865 + tax in Spring 2005. It has been discontinued but it would be interesting to know what it'd be with 2014 prices.

    I remember in the late 1980's the cles and toiletry pouches were about $75 a piece!!
  3. Hm, when I got my Speedy Damier 30 in 2008 it was 390 €. Now it is 650 €...
  4. My first LV purchase was done in 2004 and it was the mono speedy 30 for $550.
    I know that wasn't 2005, but thought that info would still give you an idea of where prices were then. HTH!
  5. In 2006 I think my speedy 30 was like $600, my NF mm was like $700.
  6. it was increased 50-100$ every yeat in the past 10 years

  7. that's abnormal when you start thinking about it! so I just denial.... lol
  8. Especially since normal inflation rates are around what? 2 percent? Makes me wonder if they will be able to keep having such high increases. But the answer is probably yes, at least for some years to come.
  9. I got my mono speedy 30 in spring of 2004 and I paid 525.

    I wonder if I purchased mine before a price increase? And now it is! :sad:
  10. Wow, preloved is the way to go.
  11. Same. My mono 30 was $525
  12. I think the increases have been most aggressive in the last 5 years. In 2010 I paid $2000 for a Vernis Alma GM which is now $2900. Also in 2010, the Electric Epi Alma GM was $2010 the year it came out and it's also $2900 now. So that's basically a 50% increase in 3 years including the 2013 increases. These bags will certainly increase next month. Absolutely ridiculous, especially when you consider the declining quality folks talk about.
  13. My mono Alma PM was about $795. I since sold it and now it's almost double!!
  14. My Horizontal Batigonelle cost $710 in 2006, 6 months later it went to $790.
  15. It was 2004 but my Alma (no bottom feet at the time) was about 735, may have been 795 I bought my strap for 120.00