How much did you spend today?

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  1. Money, money, money, 40 plus hours to make it and only a few minutes/hours to spend it!

    $119.00-gym fee
    $3.00-nonfat vanilla latte
    $17.33-2lbs of king crab legs
    $59.00-3.4oz Mademoiselle(eBay)
    $162.00-sisters care package(they in college)
    $216.00-car insurance
    $1800.00 - Chloe Handbag

    GRAND TOTAL: $2257.33
  2. $300.94 - Kooba Sienna
  3. About 8.00 on 2 boba drinks for my mom & I
    KFC kids meal for my little brother for about $5.00
    .50 on a canned drink
    $25.00 on daily grocery

    Grand total!!!! ..only $38.50 :biggrin:
  4. $3.90 for two slices of pizza for lunch (yay, company subsidized cafeteria!)
    $1.50 on red licorice and peanut M&M's for stress relieving snack :angel:

    ...and I probably will spend about $40.00 on groceries before I go home.

  5. $15 on lunch and $15 for a big ass bottle of wine.
  6. $10.00 taxis
    $80.00 vintage Gucci backpack
    $80.00 Fendi baguette
    $50.00 vintage rhinestone earrings
    $30.00 sushi for dinner

    $250.00 total (a big day for me)
  7. $5 - lunch!
  8. $35.00 for my weekly B-12 injection and a week's worth of supplements from my doctor.

    $8.14 - Talapia. Broiled it for my lunch and dinner.

    $1.00 - Ginger snaps cookies for hubby/daughter.

    $4.00 - Paper towels.

    $3.00 - 2 1 half gallons of Turkey Hill Lemonaid for daughter.

    Grand boring total: $51.14. I need a life...... LOL!

  9. today....nothing....I worked from home and am not going out tonight. I love cheap days like this because I know I will more than make up for it tomorrow!
  10. Today, nothing. I'm going out for lunch tomorrow with some friends so I saved my extra cash for that.
  11. $20 gas
    $4.50 lunch

    and probably $40 or so on booze at the clubs tonight :biggrin:
  12. $0! packed my own lunch today.
  13. $2.15 Morning Latte and Bagel
    $4.50 Lunch at work
    $2.50 Coffee at work
    $243 New COACH Hobo
    $6.45 Subway for Dinner

    Total: $258.60
  14. $2.00 M and M's and gum. A bribe to keep my little boy from freaking out.
    $15.00 at Kohl's. Great clearance sale- New Balance running shoes for $15.00!
    $9.00 for lunch- only 3 of us. I had a coupon for a free bean and cheese buritto.
    $40.00 shopping at Trader Joe's!
    A profit of $90.00 from some overstock make up I have from when I used to sell Avon. And my husband is a professional gambler- so he gave me some money as well.
  15. $6.72 for a sandwich at lunch

    A cheap day for me! But I got a ton of free stuff: MAC lip conditioner, MAC lipglass, MAC eye shadow, 2 Vincent Longo eyeshadow trios, 2 Vincent Longo lipsticks, 2 Vincent Longo lip liner duos, 4 brown silk scarves, a Kenneth Cole tote, 2 Vivienne Tam red cosmetic bags, Noxzema deep cleansing cream, 6 NARS softening milk cleansers, Rusk hair wax, 2 Rusk hair shine tubs, a set of 6 Rusk "desiger collection" haircare products, some magazines, a certificate for a free bra, a can opener, some samples of shampoo, etc. (everything else is full size), Creative Red Baroness nail polish, Aveda Lavandeo candle, Havaiana flip flops, flavored popcorn, two brownies, bottles of water, 2 $200 gift cards for lazer hair removal, and a taxi ride.

    But tonight I will spend money on dinner and taxis.
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