How much did you save through ebay?

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  1. I was doing a calculation of all the bags I purchased within this year (because I want to force myself to stick to my ban :crybaby:). I realized I've spent waaayyyyy too much, but I made some pretty good savings ($1,900! :nuts: ). Even with some bags I had to have repaired myself at the boutique, I still saved quite a deal. Has anyone ever checked up on this?
  2. Almost all of the bags I have bought on e-bay have been vintage or new Coach and I normally save an average of $200 compared to what the bags were priced new at the store. I almost always try to buy bags that are brand new or barely used, even if they are years old.

    I just got a pebbled leather Coach shoulder tote in tan that the Coach store was selling for $348 last summer. I got a new one for $200, so it was worth it for me to have waited. They no longer sell the tan one (I assume they are in the outlets). Here is a picture of the bag:


    I haven't kept track of what I have saved in a year but since joining this forum I have bought probably 15-20 bags that I probably never would have even been looking for in the past. This place has really put my love of handbags in overdrive. Peggy
  3. I just saved $835 on a near perfect black MC speedy :heart:, I've also gotten a mono speedy for $359 and a petite bucket with a new interiro for around the same price. I don't buy much off ebay though.
  4. I don't go to eBay often but I will for hard to find items. So far, no savings.
  5. Although I do not purchase expensive handbags, or expensive anything, on eBay, just for fun, gazing around the Grand Drawing Room that graces the stately several square foot townhome that is Puff Palace, I did attempt to guesstimate what I would have spent had I purchased even what hangs on the walls of one room, and the figure was quite astounding, and in a few cases, due to several factors of age, etc, not really calculable, at least not by me.

    My little rug that I posted about in the good eBay experiences thread, if I use the seller's other rugs as a guide, ended up saving me about $1650. Which is a very good thing since I did not then and do not now have $1650.

    On clothing items, I have calculated that on the average, I have spent about 10% of what I would have spent had I just walked into stores and pulled it off the rack.

    For inexpensive bags and faux bling, it is harder to guess, since my eBay purchases in those categories have been almost exclusively things that I could not find in brick and mortar stores.

    And when we get to the subject of my "babies," my one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered bags from here and there, we are back to guesswork that would be better suited to the notepad of a museum curator, not a humble Shimmapuff. ;)