How much did YOU save? (price increase)

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  1. I've seen lots of people mention their last minute purchases and reveals. So I'm wondering, how much did you actually save? Was it worth it to purchase sooner rather than later?

    I saved $110 (before tax) on a wallet and Speedy. :happydance:
  2. I saved $220 before taxes (or $250 after taxes). I'm really glad I went for it!
  3. i saved $70 on speedy b 35!
  4. $60! It was very worth it bc I had already chickened out through an increase. I wasn't going to let it creep past 1k!
  5. By "it" I mean the mono speedy 30 haha
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    I ordered my Speedy 35 a few days before the last increase on 10/30. I paid $1270 it went up $50 to $1320 and with this increase it is now $1400. That's a $130 increase in a lil over 4 months.
    As for the items I ordered in February, my mon mono passport cover went up $25, card holder $20, and cosmetic pouch $20. I saved the most on my Louise clutch which I bought new on ebay for $1150. It was $1460 and went up to $1550. So with tax I saved $527.
  7. $400 before tax on bags- $150 increase on speedy emp 30 and $250 increase on sc pm.
  8. I saved $160. I bought the Speedy B 25 in Infini. Old price was $2680 and new price is $2840, and I got a made in France bag which made me very happy! I also bought a bag charm, but It's sold out online so I cant's say how much I would have 'saved.'

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  9. At the beginning of February, noticed the buzz of impending price increase her on TPF and decided to get black epi alma bb right after valentine's day. Saved $100 before tax. Happy I had my funds together at the right time!!!
  10. Even though the new Mon Monogram NF with pouch JUST came out the beginning of February, they increased those prices as well! I saved $110 on the GM ordering before the price increase
  11. Same here. Saved an additional $10 on the cles.
  12. Saved $230 on Trevi PM and Sully MM. :peace:
  13. Saved 40€ on Speedy B 30.
  14. I saved $40 on a zippy wallet. Not a lot in the long run, but I'm glad I didn't pay over $800 for a wallet that I don't plan on babying.
  15. Saved 30 on a Emilie wallet and 190 on alma pm vernis.