How much did you save by beating the price increase?

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  1. #1 Mar 3, 2014
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    It's bitter sweet, but lets look on the bright side and celebrate how much we saved by beating the price increase this year!

    MONO Cles $190 increase $10
    DE Mini Pochette $295 increase of $15
    MONO Pochette Metis $1560 increase of $90
    DE Marylebone $1810 increase of $90

    Total savings $205 before tax, not bad

  2. Cles is $200 now - I paid $140 in 2009.

    The only LV for me of 2014 was the oxford suede ballet flats. So far, they are still $565. I believe these are almost sold out anyway - only 9 pairs in my size were left back in February. Shoes do not change that much in general since most change each season. They have even gone down in tears past.
  3. I saved $10 on mono cles and $260 on Palermo PM. Plus taxes that over $300 in savings.
  4. I saved $25 on a MC ZCP and $60 on the Odeon.
  5. I ordered my Speedy 35 a few days before the last increase on 10/30. I paid $1270 it went up $50 to $1320 and with this increase it is now $1400. That's a $130 increase in a lil over 4 months.
    As for the items I ordered in February, my mon mono passport cover went up $25, card holder $20, and cosmetic pouch $20. I saved the most on my Louise clutch which I bought new on eBay for $1150. It was $1460 and went up to $1550. So with tax I saved $527.
  6. Saved $150 plus $15 tax (10% here!) so a total of $165 on my Black Emp Speedy 30.
  7. I saved 150 on emp speedy b 30. Plus extra savings on sales tax. The emp Artsy went up a lot. I was debating whether I should get artsy or speedy.
  8. Zippy from 765 to 805 = $40 Difference
    Eva from 730 to 775 = $45 Difference

    $91.80 after taxes.... So not that much lol If I bought a more expensive bag than it would have been more.
  9. saved $70 on speedy b 35
  10. About 100.00 but I wish I would of finically been able to start my collection 20 years ago. Imagine the prices than geez I feel old
  11. I saved $210 on noir artsy
    $120 on mono métis
    $50 on curieuse infini wallet
  12. +1, i know right!?
  13. $380 on my Speedy Empreinte before taxes and because I bought her in Hawaii.
  14. $90 for Pochette Metis
    $15 for mini pochette
    $45 inoslite MC
    $10 on MC key cles
    $40 zippy MC
  15. $30 for pochette
    $10 for monogram key pouch
    $20 for vernis key pouch
    $10 for cosmetic bag
    $15 for mini pochette

    I've saved $85. Not bad.