"how much did you pay?" how do you react to that ?

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  1. lol i am going to use that one next time!
  2. I feel very uncomfortable with that question. The only people I really tell are my mother and best friend. When my brother and sister in law ask I just say "too much" I know shes dying to know but I'll never tell..lol When my boyfriend asks I say "you don't want to know" which is actually the truth :sneaky:.
    The day I picked up my Trevi my mother and I went to my uncles for dinner straight from the store. My mom told them we went to Long Island to pick up a bag (which wasn't bad enough) but they asked me to go to the car to get it. They absolutely LOVED it...uncle & aunt. Then came the dreaded question and my mom blurted it out. I felt quite silly to be honest. My uncle pulled me aside and said "you shouldn't feel embarassed it's a beautiful bag, now if you paid $20.00 for a bag you should be embarassed" I think that was very kind of him. All in all I dislike that question very very much!!
  3. That is very nice what your uncle said....:smile:
  4. When girls at my school ask me, I have a default response: "A little bit more than coach". Since coach is the "it" label with girls my age.

    Friends- I normally give them a ballpark, for example, "I could have purchased another iPhone."

    Strangers- I say that it is fake. I know this isn't really "representing" lv correctly, its just that I really don't want to get mugged.
  5. I found one way out of this is to say "It was a gift." or "My ___ got it for me, I don't know how much it was."

    If it's someone who knows you really well and they are trying to criticize you, and you want to snap back, I'm sure they may spend on something, most people have an area of weakness. My mom is the only one that 'counts' what I spend on bags and criticizes, and I just remind her of her Jag and her diamonds(her love of fine cars and jewerly), that usually nips that in the bud. I'm sorry but LV is def. less than a car and a diamond, at least the ones I buy, argument won on my end when I go 'there'.
  6. I absolutely hate that question.. in the beginning I told the truth, because i never thought I should lie, and then the more bags I got, the more questions i get! "how much is THAT?" ............ well, some of the stuff I got from ebay, I'd tell them that its much more cheaper than retail (even thought its still expensive). sometimes I'm wondering if its jealousy, or if they think i'm wasting my money.... I don't know.

    I think I'll go with the answer "don't worry about it." from now on... u know, that question makes me not want to wear my bag in front of my friends...
  7. well... alot.
  8. If they are rude enough to ask, I am rude enough to answer. I love seeing the look on people's faces when i tell them I spent $800 on a purse.
  9. I have done this before, I had a scary looking man ask me once at a gas station if it was real and I said "Shoot I wish!!!" and gave him a big smile, he laughed and walked off, I was terrified!!!
  10. Sorry! DP.
  11. i don't like being asked. its practically asking how much your salary is. but if a good friend asks out of true interest i'd tell them. an acquaintance i'd say "i can't recall, but i love it."
  12. I hate being asked this question by anybody, unless it's a bag-loving friend who totally understands this obsession.
    Not even my family understands, so most of the time, I try to hide my bags from them, or carry those high-street brands when I'm ard them. I will get questioned and then lectured by my folks whenever they see me with a new expensive anything! It sux!
  13. just smile and I say, ' oh with my boyfriends drug money I just dont keep track any more' then tap your nose.
  14. The way I see it, unless they are truly inquiring for purposes of buying one themself then they have no business asking. If they really wanted to know they could easily find out by looking online.
  15. I don't react much anymore when asked "how much did you pay?."
    It depends on whose asking but I give one of these answers:
    1. i don't remember
    2. i don't know, it was a gift
    3. $49.95--- for the very rude and nosey
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