"how much did you pay?" how do you react to that ?

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  1. Everytime a friend brings attention to my handbag I am so embarrassed ! If one says "look,Mellecyn has a REAL LV !" the other person always reacts with "cool...how much does it cost?"
    Overhere it´s not a snappy comment on comparing our wealth or anything it is genuinely out of curisiosity and even if I try to brush it off with "ahh a lot.." they wait for the answer so I blurt it out and add "yes but it last a lifetime!"...on which they finally agree. But then one said "that´s cool, you don´t have to be embarrassed"...no I don´t..ouch...
  2. I always tell them the price, matter of factly. Then I live for their reactions :supacool: It's my money and how I choose to spend it is my business. I shouldn't have to justify my expenses or come up with excuses just because they might open their pocketbook for different reasons.
  3. How do I react? I smile and say "A lot". That's it.
  4. :tup::wlae:
  5. if it were me, i wouldn't tell them the price anymore; when your friends ask, just say, "does it really matter how much it costs? the important thing is that i really love it and am happy."
  6. Everyone at work made a big deal about my Tivoli GM- My friend went and told everyone I got a $1200 purse! I live in a small town and work in a crappy dept. store making min. wage. So I am sure people were like UGH! What are you doing working here!

    I tell them I saved the money- it's not like I HAVE that much money to spend all the time...

    But ah whatever...

    And everyone asks how much it is... I say $1200 kinda shyly and then add in that I SAVED for it. LOL

    I am just not the type of girl you'd see walking down the street with a $1200 anything! LOL

    So it makes me feel weird sometimes.
  7. i always jhate when people ask them that..i usually tell them a lower price because i dont want to hear "your stupid" or "for a purse!?!?! thats a waste of money"
  8. i just say i have a don't ask policy to everybody even to my relatives :smile:
  9. Ahh, I tend to avoid this and when I do tell them, they tell me "wwhhatt, you spent that much on a bag!?" As much as possible, I only bring non-descript bags to my work to prevent these sorts of reaction.
  10. "enough"!! LOL.
  11. I HATE that response.... when people say "you spent THAT much for a bag" but I'm sure that same person spends money on something frivilous that makes them happy... I always say I have to spend it on what I like/want while I can b/c once we decide to have a baby it's going to be all over!! LOL
  12. i get the money question a lot. and i feel embarrassed. I was with my two best friends last week and we were with these two other girls. My two friends know how much my stuff costs cause they love LV and dont care about the price. And so the other two girls asked how much everything i had on me was and i am always like really hesitant to say, so my friends like start blurting out prices. and while it was a little weird, id better them then me say it, and they always defend me when people ask if stuff is fake.
  13. I usually tell them the truth. I am a hard worker, I earn my money from teaching not from selling drugs so I think I deserve to make me, my self and I happy. When I have somebody said "That much? for a bag?" I'll say "yes, but I didn't ask you to pay for it right?" and I'll walk away...
  14. I tend to ask them why they want to know. Once they tell me I follow up explaining 'You never ask a woman her age, weight or price of handbag'.

    When I first ventured into higher end handbags I used to tell people the price. Of course their reaction was almost always negative and usually insulted or frustrated me. I learned to be a bit more evasive so I don't have to deal with people's feedback.
  15. I always say the same, "probably more than I sould have" with a laugh....if people press...which they do sometimes...if they are the type that is really interested (ie buys) I will tell them...if it is just 'morbid' curiosity, I say, "A lady never discusses her finances" ;)
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