How much did you get your Tokidoki for?

  1. Hi everyone I am new here and I have to say this site is great!!:yahoo:

    I am from Toronto and Tokidoki came into the market just about a month ago, you can only get them from high-end shoes store and that's about it, you can't even find them in department stores yet!

    Can you guys tell me how much do these bags go for in the states so I can compare? A Buon Viaggio tote here is about $200CAN and a Campeggio is about $250CAN.

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. BV & Campeggio both cost $160 + tax here in the mainland USA.
  3. Hawaii prices are jacked up $20-$ I guess mine are a bit more expensive :shrugs: My Gioco cost $204 including yeah...if the original is $160...dang I'm getting ripped.
  4. Thanks so much everyone!:rolleyes:
    I made my first Tokidoki purchse today. The prices are just a little bit higher than the states*sigh.. does any one know if they EVER go on sale and where do I get them when I am in new york?

    Oh and what is that first print call? I could'nt find it on their official web site...
    Photo 23.jpg Photo 25.jpg Photo 26.jpg
  5. Your amore ciao is so cute. I love the grim reaper couples in the middle.
  6. Is your Pirata print a Gioco Style bag? It looks really pretty! Great amore ciao too!!
  7. Heiman - Pulse has a sale on Pirata and Adios Star, I believe.

    The original print is Citta. It's not on the lesportsac website because they don't sell it there anymore. The only place I know that sells them is eBay and Waikele Lesportsac Outlet in Hawaii..and it's 30% off right now.
  8. Hi Heiman, yes we get screwed with prices in Canada, and they don't tend to go on sale (except that I got a wicked deal on a denaro from Urban Outfitters, but now they don't carry the bags).

    The only place you can get comparable prices to the US is at the Boathouse at Yonge and Dundas. Somehow, their prices are the same as US prices. But they only carry a few different things.

    NY is great because there's the Lesportsac outlet, plus tons of random places and then the big department stores. I gotta get there soon...but I'm so poor.
  9. Sempre II - No, you're right. I made a mistake...the original print is tokidoki I guess that's what it's called. I thought it was called citta for some reason? I was mistaking the print names. They do have that "tokidoki" print then in the Waikele outlet. Stupid w/girls...tokidoki is all lil characters. So I was talking about the right print but called it the wrong one, lmfao.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply everyone! You guys know everything...

    I'm definitely going to check out boathouse tomorrow, I just can't recall seeing any Tokidoki there, when did you see them there Frogbubble? Do they have accessories too?

    I REALLY want the matching accessories; does anyone know where to get them in Toronto? My last resort is probably e-bay, can anyone recommend a good seller?

    Thank you!:heart:
  11. Head towards the back, on the right side across from the cash there's a display.

    They have bianco, amore, pirata, notte, some citta, and adios in denaros, bambinone, canguro, dolce, caramella, and stellina (not all in each style, of course, but those are the basics).

    They have a few shirts, and possibly some keychains, but nothing else left. I haven't found anybody else with anything non-bags (oh, Urban Outfitters is carrying some shirts/hoodies now).

    See my Bazaar Adriatic thread -- I got my necklace from them, $10 shipping here and it was lightning fast.
  12. I purchased my Foresta Gioco for $160.
  13. I got all of my tokidoki on e-bay. I didn't pay over $120 for any of my BVs, my denaros for about $50, but my bella (which was my first purchase) was almost $130. I'm a patient girl who loves e-bay. :yes: