How much did this bracelet retail for??

  1. NVM found it on eluxury. $435 for the white
  2. lol. and i found it in black. same price.
  3. It's on sale on Elux now for $435.
    I saw it on the display in my regular LV store in L.A. last month when I got my koala MC bracelet. So I don't think it's hard to find.

    Hope this help. :yes:
  4. I've seen it several times in boutiques... easy to find
  5. ^^^agree with everyone above I've seen it in the boutique
  6. love it :smile: would like to have one but i just purchased a koala bracelet.
  7. idk if itd be too bulky for me. i mean i like big jewelry too but idk...its so thick but i saw a pic of MK with it on and i know shes tiny.