How much did the Cherry Blossom Pochette retail for?

  1. Thanks everyone :yes:
  2. Nevermind, I saw cherry and thought cerises......not CB
  3. Correct me if I am wrong but I think it was US$455.00.
  4. Thanks Irene. I thought it was less than that.

    can anyone confirm that price?
  5. Bump.

    Anyone else?
  6. Thanks Elle.

    So with that being said.----What do you guys think is a good price for buying a used one?

    Just curious
  7. Some of those are going for ridiculously high prices right now...thehuangfamily constantly sells them for $699-$880 which I think is a total rip off.

    If you don't mind the used condition (minor rubbing of blossoms, patina'ed vachetta, etc) then actual auctions (not BIN) end at the best prices (around $250). For BIN, I would say a reasonable price is $350-$450...since they're discontinued. But no more than $450, definitely.

    I got mine for $350 + $20 shipping, the bag's canvas had two VERY SMALL light black marks, and the vachetta had a few pale pink (almost gone now from all the baby wipes and conditioner) marks, and the inside had a few of the same pale pink stains...but there was no rubbing of the blossoms, no tarnishing of the hardware, and had a beautiful arrangement of blossoms :love: I have the pink/pink combo. If you want a red/cream combo, they go for a little more. around $500-$700
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