How much did the Chanel Huge Camellia Thongs

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  1. The jelly ones with the white camellia flower retail for? Thank youu!
  2. I think $345.
  3. Thank you!
  4. $295 for the colored jellies and $345 for the black and white ones.
  5. $295 and up depending on color. They are still available. I saw them at Neiman Marcus & @ Barney's over the weekend.
  6. This is correct. The black w/white flower are hardest to find (in some sizes). You may have to ask an SA to hunt down your size and do a charge send.

    Also, there is a thread in the Chanel forum regarding color transfer on the white flower. Don't wear them with dark jeans!
  7. Bergdorfgoodman also has them. I ordered them from there, and I returned them.
  8. Gem why did you return them?
  9. After trying them on, I just couldn't justify paying $345 for rubber. If they were leather I would have kept them.