How much did/does the Morgan retail?

  1. I wanna say $1895, but i somehow thought it was more than that.

    Is the white discontinued?

    Sorry Im still learning JC

  2. I think Samantha has that bag. I think it was more like $2000+ new. I know she posted pics somewhere here in the forum when she got it. I have never seen it IRL, but that is gorgeous!!!
  3. Maybe it wsa 2200 i think uhg i guess I could call the JC store.

    Hopefully someone else will repond.

    I think you live somewhat near me too! i saw you live in Marin? is that Marin in Bay area?

    Do you know if the black one was less or more popular i see it faked often on eBay. I ask because i saw 2 on there dunno if theyre real or not. but, one said retail 1895 the other said 1565? which didnt sound right. I have the dark brown one it's my favorite, def. a keeper.
  4. I don't recall many tpf'rs talking about this bag much. I kinda like it tho.
    I don't live in the bay area. I live about 60 miles east of Pleasanton in the foothills (boonies) We do often visit friends in our car club over there, tho. Are you going to the tpf get together in SF in February?
  5. OHHHH i see. :smile: I dunno maybe, when is it scheduled for?
  6. Oh duh. you said feb. so then i guess the real question would be where
  7. I paid somewhere around 900 pounds for mine about three months ago. I think that's about $1900? I got it in black/gunmetal to replace my previous carry on bag, which it is GREAT for. I seem to remember Samantha had some trouble with the leather of hers, so she had to send it back or something?
  8. Hmm well thanks for the heads up. But, no one be looking at it. Do you think maybe $900 is too much to ask? I don't think so considering what it retailed for. whatev.
  9. Well, it is used. There is a new Mahala for $899. bin.
  10. Jm - this isn't the Shimmery Suede, is it? I liked this style too. I adore roomy bags. Would you know if a Black Calf is still available? I can't remember what season it came out. Anybody knows dimensions?
  11. You may be able to find one thru one of the boutiques, but I think it is sold out. I don't think it was shimmery. There are pics somewhere of Samantha modeling this a search.:smile:
  12. Ok, I'll try! Thanks dear!

  13. yeah someone just informed me of the sale UHG! that sucks.. well for me lol. i gave it a adjusted my eBay price..

    that link isnt working.. and i want to see that thread grr
  14. are you talking about my bag?

    its not shimmery.

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]19 1/2" Double Handles.. Fits snuggly under shoulder[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Measures 17½'' at widest x 12½'' tall at center x 6½'' deep[/FONT]

    its pretty big i have it in brown and black. im just selling this one for my friend. i liike it though i can fit like my laptop in it +all my other junk its amazing lol