How much detail does a faker go to?

  1. :confused1:I've been doing the trawl through eBay checking out some shoes and was wondering just how much trouble a faker will generally go to.

    I've noticed that what seems to be genuine sellers with genuine items will show you the shoebox with the appropriate little sticker that has a pic of the shoe and the size (JCs) and in some cases the stores own sticker from where they were bought, am I right to assume this is a good indication as to the authenticity, (obviously excluding the 'real box' with fake shoes in situation)?

    Or do fakers do this as well to make it more believable? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. If you can post links in the authentication thread, it would help more.
  3. No, some will show authentic boxes hoping no one will notice the details such as size, color, or shoe style. Just to be safe, post the shoes' link in the authentification thread.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I've not actually got any items in mind, was thinking more generally really for future reference. I've always assumed fake boxes were all the same (plain without the shoes specifics on them) and they wouldn't bother to add the appropriate shoe details per pair to their box.

    Like the name of the particular style, the size or the stores own sticker even. :tup:
  5. Sometimes they use photos of real stuff and send you fake ones.