How much custom duty do we have to pay buying $3000 handbag outside US?

  1. Have anyone had an experience on this? Curious how much duty charges? or how many percentage do we get charged? Thanks in advance.
  2. i don't know if customs charges differ drastically from country to country, but just to give you a rough idea i paid about $260 canadian on bal work bag (i think it was $1275USD) from balNYC. crazy! but it still cost me less than if i had bought the bag in canada.
  3. where is the bag coming from?
  4. Each countries have different percentage. Here, $3000 will get charge over $ 950
  5. Where is "here"?
    I was thinking to buy a bag either from UK or Italy.
  6. That is why I don't buy from outside the US, too costly!
  7. I'm in Asia
  8. For leather handbags valued over $20, the general US tariff (duty) rate is 9%. There is reduced or zero duty for certain countries with which the US has a free trade agreement (Australia, Singapore, Bahrain, others).

    The exact rates are here, starting with section 4202.21.90:

    There is a gift exemption of $100, or a personal use exemption of $200 for items mailed from abroad (as long as the paperwork is filled out properly).
  9. I recently sold a bag (am in the UK) to an American and she told me that she had to pay about 10% of the total value but I don't know if that is typical nor how that amount was calculated.
  10. I recently bought Bal Twiggy from US for US$949 + US$45 shipping, I was charged by AUST Custom AUS$265 which is roughly about 20+%..

  11. I think customs duty in USA is not bad at all. I have sold many many bags to US buyers from here in Australia, and bags around $1k never get taxed at all. I remember once I sent an LV worth US$1800ish, the package was insured & declared at full value and the buyer told me she got taxed for around $65 only.

    Australian customs on the other hand charges a lot! :crybaby:
  12. Thanks guys for all the input. Hope it wont be more than 10%. Crossing my finger.
  13. If you are bringing something into Canada count on at least 20% taxes on the value of the item.
  14. Thanks for that info I was looking for that recently and couldn't find!:tup:
  15. Can I ask something?

    I want to buy a bag which cost US$725 but the shipping cost is US$120 (overcharged, I know).

    Will I get taxed by Australian customs?

    Their tax free threshold is AU 1000 or US 750 or GBP 400.

    What I need to know is if the threshold includes the shipping cost.