How much could I get for......

  1. a S/S 2005 Chocolate paddy. In excellent condition, used very little. With original receipt (Bergdorf Goodman) ribbon, tags etc. Amazing leather!!

    Any thoughts would really be appreciated. :smile:
  2. I bought the exact same one for 1K.
  3. and remember, alot of bags are on sale at the moment, so its perhaps not the best time to sell a used one :yes:

    Why dont you watch some similar ones on eBay and see what they go for, it will give you a good indication of what to pitch your bag at.
  4. I agree with ranskimmie and chloebabe. There are a lot of sales right now so probably wait until after january, however in the meantime keep your eyes on eBay and see what things are selling for. Sometimes though it just comes down to the luck of having the right buyer come along! I've seen bags of the same colour and condition go for sometimes $500 difference at different times of year, and just with different buyers! Best of luck!
  5. I noticed that there are a lot of paddies on eBay, but they don't get sold because of the high prices and because other Chloes are on sale at the moment.