How much could a trunk cost now about?

  1. How much could a trunk cost now about? Have you any idea?:confused1: I'm asking just from curiosity coz i know it's waaaay out of my price range. It could be wardrobe trunk or whatever. They are always on first pages of Le Catalogues...;)

    Thank You!:flowers:
  2. Depends on the size..I'd say anywhere from $12,000US and up.
  3. Oohhh, I want an LV trunk sooooo bad.

    But I agree, way out of my price range ... $12,000US and up? ... YIKES! :wtf:
  4. there was one once on eBay UK and it was in V good condition, it was approx $25,000 so I think they must be priced higher than this and imagine how long they take to make :smile:
  5. Well if you consider Bistens and Alzers trunks, like $3k to proably $40k i bet
  6. Check prices on the official French site. They seem to range from 2,000 to just under 4,000 euros. The $12,000+ price tags are probably for special orders.
  7. Most all of the trunks are special orders :yes:
  8. Yeah, I've seen one before on was something like $15,000. WOW! They are really amazing.
  9. 'Tis true... mostly all trunks are Special Orders. ;)
  10. :wtf: that is disturbing........................BUT, they ARE beautiful, vintage, luxury trunks that will last you a looooooooong time
  12. The smaller sized trunk, Malle Cabine, is $14,000 USD. The dimensions: 31 inches long x 18 inches height x 13 inches depth.

    The largest sized trunk, Malle Hautb, is $18,000 USD.The dimensions: 43 inches long x 24 inches height x 27 inches depth.
  13. Thanks!!:nuts:
  14. I would love to SO an epi wardrove trunk but in the new Ivory color or the whole trunk set:drool:
  15. They are so nice.