How much cost a speedy 30 at yours?

  1. Hello
    I would like to buy a speedy 30 from Louis vuitton. In may I will go to the shop and buy it. I have checked the website and there stands that the speedy 30 costs 415 Euros. But here in Hamburg (Germany)it costs 430 in the shop. Why?
    So my question is, have you pay 430 euros at the store in your city too?
  2. just the difference in the dollar.
  3. Paris is the cheapest in Euros for the LV. Plus I think other pfers from Germany also said it was higher too.
  4. No thats wrong, because in France the people pay in euros too. and there costs 415 euros. and louis vuitton comes from france so why it is more expensive here?
  5. thank you :smile:
  6. I know in Australia it's AU$875 which approx 532 euro.
  7. Oh my goodness, I'm so happy now to live in Germany :p:yahoo:
  8. as well as the exchange rate tax changes the price from country to country. import tax and sales tax will be added to make it that little bit more than in france