How much clothes does your dog have?

  1. Haha...I have a little dog named Valentino (in the signature and avatar)...and I'm obsessed with buying him clothes...I've paid more on clothes for him then I would for me...he has about 24 shirts...3 jackets...3 pairs of shoes(boots, sandals, and sneakers)...scarf and hat...3 pairs of pants...etc...I bought him a wardrobe and dog hangers to hang it all's quite ridiculous I must admit...He's even gone couture...he has a juicy shirt and coach collar & leash...I'll post pics your pics also!! I wish he was a girl so I could buy dresses...
  2. My dog only has 1 shirt and 1 hoodie. He used to have a raincoat too but I can't find it.I'm planning on getting him another raincoat and some boots to go with it.

    I don't really
    dress him up since I like has natural coat more. The clothing is just to keep him warm and the coat and boots to prevent him from getting wet. He refuses to go outdoors in the rain.

    My former neighbors had boxes upon boxes of clothing for their 3 dogs though.
  3. I think it's adorable to dress up one's doggies. Mine are too big, though. They don't make cute clothes in their sizes.
  4. Awww,Valentino is adorable!!

    My mini poodle, Liesel, is my little baby girl. She has a raincoat, parka, 2 tee shirts, and two sweaters.
  5. My Chi has 1 tee shirt and 2 sweaters. I thought he'd want to wear them in the winter since it gets cold here in NY, but he HATES wearing clothes. When I put something on him, he'll stand still and just look at me until I take it off. I'd love it if he liked wearing clothes!!
  6. my yorkie has a bunch of clothes. hoodies, tshirts, jackets, sweaters. he loves it! as far as designer... he has a juicy couture coat, 3 juicy hoodies, 1 juicy harness, a burberry sweater, & a gucci collar

    he gets super excited when he sees me take out his clothes. i think it's because he thinks he's going somewhere.
  7. I didn't vote because I'm torn. I have 3 Lhasas and they do own a couple of doggie sweaters each. They only "get dressed" when the weather is a bit chilly for their walks. They really don't like clothes. They used to dress up for Halloween but they have made it quite clear that they prefer not to.

    As far as dressing your dog everyday...hey, whatever floats your boat. As long as your doggie is comfortable, safe, and enjoys it why not???
  8. My dog rather go naked than wear clothes
  9. I voted no... but really, to each their own. I understand sweaters and the little booties for dogs that live in cold weather, when it is really bad out, but most dogs I've seen dressed up look miserable, unless it is for a short time. I saw a lady walking her dog in a dress, w/ jewelry and a hat and it looked so pitiful.

    The only time I've put clothes on my dog is when he was neutered. I put baby onesies on him, in addition to the cone thing, b/c he was an awful licker.
  10. OMG ChiChi143 i am in the same boat as you. my dog booger would literally SHIVER so i bought him a couple hoodies, a tee and a jacket and he HATES wearing them. it's so funny because he also does that standing in the corner until you take it off deal. :nogood:

    ps- i see your baby doesn't wear a collar? is he opposed to that as well??? (because booger is.. he constantly itches at it...)
  11. My yorkie loves wearing sweaters. He gets cold in the winter time so i think it's appropriate for him to wear clothes and be warm! If I pick up one of his sweaters and show it to him, he'll sit down and try to put his arms/legs through.
  12. my corgi has a sweater and raincoat..and only when its really bad weather...
  13. My dog Chance doesn't have any clothes and I personally don't believe in dressing dogs up in them. Whenever I see a picture of dogs wearing clothes they look miserable, in my opinion. To each his own.
  14. My dog has a pink Juicy T-shirt, a little pastel colored sweater, and a cream colored shawl which is a little too big. I only put them on her when I think she might be cold. Right now it's cold but her hair is a little long and puffy so I don't have clothes on her. She also has an LV collar. I wish she liked wearing clothing more, but she really is a nudist.
  15. my dog has 1 shirt, 1 pair of shorts, and a coat. He doesn't like wearing the shirt and shorts so i don't dress him up..he only wears the coat because its cold and he shivers. I don't think he minds the coat much...