How much cash is in your wallet?

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  1. About 60 bucks or so.
  2. $467 I need to deposit
  3. None right now. I took the $25 or so I had and put it in my sweatshirt pocket when I went to play hockey tonight. I then put the sweatshirt in the wash, forgetting the cash is there. So, the cash will go back in when it's dry, LOL.
  4. As of right now, 3 dollars!
  5. A few bucks maybe?? I hardly ever have cash on me.
  6. Just counted. I have $29.01. This makes me nervous, so I'll go cash a check tomorrow. I use a credit card for most everything, and yet I feel the need to have cash ON me, because... I don't know. My dad had the same compulsion and always carried a good bit on him "Just in case." I like to for the same reason, and can't even finish the sentence on 'just in case' what? and come up with a reasonable answer.

    Anybody else out there like me in that regard?
  7. the equivalent of 10 dollars........but they are in a Luis Vuitton wallet not any wallet!
  8. About S$102. That's about US$60?
  9. My friends always say "your wallet cost more than the amount of cash you have inside!" :roflmfao:

    I have $32 right now.
  10. £10, $5 Canadian, about 70 Euros, and a couple hundred Norwegian kroner.

    I'm really bad about re-converting money after trips.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.