How much Cartier do you wear daily?


Dec 28, 2014
So every day I wear my all diamond JUC necklace, thin Love & small JUC ring (all RG). I’m planning on adding a WG thin Love & RG small JUC to my everyday stack next year (unfortunately the need for home improvements meant I had to push the purchase back!)

So how much Cartier to you wear daily? Pics please!


Dec 29, 2020
24/7 bracelets: plain yg love + juc + (plan to add the small panthere once it is available)

day time earrings:switch love huggies/studs
going out: switch large love hoops / (plan to add clash earrings once yg is available)

ring time: plain love band + pave love ring + juc ring + (plan to add clash once the yg is available)


Jan 13, 2019
3 loves- 2 plain yg/pg rainbow + pg juc

I love your diamond JUC debated adding that but decided to go with a yg tennis necklace that should arrive in a few weeks!
Love your 3 loves! I have 2- pink gold rainbow and plain pink you prefer wearing 3 Loves? I am thinking of adding a third Love! Now that I wear 2- I am feel undressed with just one (when rainbow needed stone repair) with 3 now do you feel bare with only 2?!


Jan 1, 2016
I wear a classic and thin love 24/7. That pretty much translates over to daily wear for me now during the pandemic while I’m home most days. When I go somewhere though, I switch off between my clash or diamond JUC on the wrist with the loves.


Jan 31, 2009
2 yellow gold loves and 1 WG JUC - I sleep, workout (with armbands), shower with everything. I really want a white gold love for my love stack but not loving rhodium plated for flat love (can't use a polishing cloth for scratches) but plain WG may look a little like steel.

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Love the stack - is your jade bracelet removable? I had my WG love plated and prefer the look to non plated, although it does show scratches.
Aug 3, 2011
I think I could taken the bangle off using a plastic bag trip I saw on YouTube, but I wear it 24/7 since 2016 (bangle forced on with medical-grade lotion and bruised my hand a bit LOL).

I love the look of rhodium plated WG, so bright, white, and shiny. (Although my SA said they wouldn't do it to a plain WG lol, even though people here clearly have had it done!) Have you had your love re-plated since the first dipping? I know they polish it before re-plating and that can change the shape/sharpness of the corners. My JUC diamond is fairly new so I don't have a lot of experience about how long it lasts and the roundness hides scratches.

I guess Clash de Cartier is an option! The design might be good for hiding scratches.