How much Carly love is too much?

  1. I am totally in love with the Carly! I think I may be in need of an intervention...advice at the very least!

    I have purchased the following Carlys, none used yet because it's too hard to decide! Is this too many of one style for one person? All are large:

    Khaki/black signature

    I still want the black leather too! I have the parchment, but I want to exchange it for the black because: 1) it's got striation marks all over it (came from JAX), and 2) even if I get a perfect bag, I'm afraid it will get dirty too easily!

    What do you think? Does anyone else have this Carly obsession? Is this waaaaaay too many of the same bag? :confused1: Does anyone else have multiples of the same bag, even if not the Carly?
  2. Hi. Congrats on your Carly Collection.
    IMO, if you LOVE the style and USE THEM (key words here), then you can't have too many. However, you stated that you have 3 different ones already but have not used ANY of them. My thoughts are: start using at least ONE of them and THEN decide if you want more or not. You may find that one (or two or three):p is all you need. Who may use the first one and find out it's too heavy for you, etc...Also, there are supposed to be LOTS of pretty colors coming out for may want to hold off on buying anymore until then!!
  3. You're right, of course! It's just that with PCE and the outlets, I'm going a bit off the deep end with Coach right now! :yes:
  4. LOL! We are in the same boat, girlfriend!
    I think you should pick your FAVORITE out of the three you have already and USE THAT BABY!!! Then, decide if you want to keep the rest and/or buy more. If I were to have THREE of a certain style, (well, if I had the Carlys YOU have) I would keep the Khaki/Black Sig Carly and the Denim...return the Canvas Saddle for the Black Leather!!
  5. No such thing as too much when it comes to good ol' carly.

    I started off with the pouch, went to two mediums (black sig and gold sig) then traded them in for 2 larges, then bought large leather black and large leather parchment.

    I'm left with black leather large, parchment leather large, black sig large, and khaki gold large.

    but still, there's never never enough! =)
    If you love the style so what if you get it in different colors?
    It's a different color THUS a different bag. You found something you like, stick with it =)
  6. exactly what PyAri said...I have two larges, and when the all leather Chocolate comes out, I'm probably hopping on that one as well. for me, the style is PERFECT. i love the buckles and hardware, and the size can't be beaten.

    so as long as you love it, who cares how many you have!!
  7. *points to avatar* There's never too much love!!
  8. Many people here have 2 or more Alis, Shoulder bags...etc If you love something, nothing wrong with getting more than 1.
  9. You can't have too many Carly's. :nogood:

    I have the khaki/saddle demi, the black sig medium and the large chocolate sig. And...I plan to check out the chocolate leather one this fall. :graucho:
  10. I tend to buy the same styles, too...I have two alis, an ergo hobo and an ergo tote...I think the key is making sure you use those bags. I'm the same way sometimes...we love something so much that we're afraid to use them, but that defeats the purpose of owning them!

    Maybe take one out for awhile and use it and see how things go..

    I know what you mean about PCE--this and seeing our outlet is a serious temptation!
  11. I love the large Carly too. I had three (black leather, canvas/pear and denim.) I recently returned the canvas one because I found that I wear a lot of green and the pear wasn't working with it at all. I exchanged that one for a patent Ergo hobo. Anyway-I agree with Purse-O-Nality USE one before you make any more decisions. See how it works for you. If I was choosing from your collection I would take the khaki or the denim right now. They are both great bags that you can use often. Once you get some real time using your bag you can decide if you want it in a few colors/materials to coordinate with your wardrobe.
  12. Having too many Carlies is not possible.

    I have one and want AT LEAST 2-3 more. I love the style! :yes:
  13. I agree with the others, if you are going to use them all, and you love them all that much, go for it!! That being said, there will always be new bags coming out, and you may want to switch it up a little once in a while.. but I love the carly!!!
  14. If you really love a bag and have started collecting it, there can never be too much.
  15. OMG, I know what you mean and not to throw more things at you at once but coach just came out with some new carly colors and the choc brown is awesome. I too have several coach handbags and was a little obsessed with the signature stripe but I purchased the denim patchwork and only use that one now, can't seem to trade out, no matter what I am wearing..scary.