How much candy/ goodies did you give out last night?

  1. We always give out the light necklaces instead of candy, since they come in tubes of 50, it's easy to count...I just took 9 empty tubes out to the recycling...450 kids, wow, even on a tuesday...our record was 750 on a Friday (couple of years ago, obviously).

    How about you? Lots of kiddies or quiet?
  2. Wow you sure do get a-lot of kids. I say we got about 10 kids at my place.
  3. Wow twinkle - lots of kids in your area! We used to get a lot but the past couple years its been kinda slow. I bought 6 bags of candy - and only had about 10 kids by 7:30pm. We got a rush of about 12 pre-teen age kids around 8pm who got handfuls of candy because I didn't want any leftovers in the house. So total maybe 20-25 kids. And no leftover candy!
  4. we didn't have any. we didn't get home until 7pm and i'd had a migraine for most of the afternoon, so i turned the light off. i only saw a few people out walking around as we were driving through town though. maybe 2 groups? i think the halloween party/trick or treating at stores has become more popular around here, especially on school nights.
  5. We had very few because it rained off and on all night. Now we're stuck with a bunch of candy, we only gave out half of it! :angel: :s We bought 6 of the big bags, and gave out 3 ... maybe a little more.
  6. We didn't have a lot of kids. Only about 30 this year.
  7. We only had about 15..we had 1 bag of candy and still have some left :sad: Where did they all go??
  8. We had around 550-600. We get a lot of kids cause most people decorate their homes and since the entire neighborhood is historical homes they look even more spooky somehow. It was fun, and we did not get any tricks!!
  9. That sounds like fun!
  10. I went to my sister's house. She lives on Main Street in a small town, and they get about 400 kids. Most of the houses on the street are decorated, and people dress up to give out candy. It's a lot of fun. It's a really cool atmosphere.
  11. we didn't give out much at all... our neighborhood is quite big, and i think most of the kids were trick-or-treating on the other side. i don't think anyone made it around the entire block since it was cold and takes too long. my nephew came back with a huge stash of candy, and he said there were lots of kids out. we probably gave away around 40-50 pieces of fun size candy bars.

    also, i think a lot of kids went trick or treating at the malls. seems pretty common here.
  12. NONE!!!!!!!I am not joking!
  13. not one!!! I couldn't believe it.
  14. Maybe 100. It was pretty slow around here, which was unusual. We usually ahve double that at least. The Heavens opened up and it started to rain at about 8:00 and sent another Halloween night into the history books.
  15. Nada. I live at an apartment in a suburban neighborhood so kids just go to the houses instead.