How much can your mini hold?

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  1. Hi all! I'm planning out which Chanel bag to get this September. I was going to get the GST but they've been discontinued. So now I am thinking I am going to get a mini. My price range only goes up to 3,200.00 USD, so I'm pretty sure that the rectangular one would be out of my price range and am now looking at square ones. I really want to go with something classic and believe the mini is the only bag that fits within my price range, which is fine, because I think they're quite beautiful. I don't want a wallet on a chain as I already have two long Chanel wallets and I feel that the wallets fit even less than the mini. My question is how much can fit in the mini? I have a rather large cell phone and am unsure if it will fit. It'd be a shame to get the bag and realize that my phone doesn't fit, especially since I'm thinking about upgrading to the newest iphone. So what exactly can you ladies fit inside your mini? TIA!

  2. I just bought a square Mini from the Spring collection and have reviewed it on my YouTube channel Stylevialauren if you're interested in seeing what fits inside...
  3. I'm able to fit in quite a lot for my mini sq! iPhone 6, comb, tissue, card holder, house key with access card, mint, earphone, hand cream, lip balm, hair clip and a sunnies if I really want. It fits my daily essential very well and I'm so in love with how easy and laid back it could be!
  4. Chase Amie on youtube has a video comparing the 2 minis and showing what can fit in them ---

    I have the square, and it fits the essentials pretty well --- key/cardholder, hand sanitizer, baggu foldup grocery bag, lipstick, handcream, tissues -- no keys though because i am a mom and i tend to carry a big ol honking pack of travel baby wipes that really takes up about half of the bag -- for those who don't have to carry that, then there's plenty of room!
    Oh, and I can stick my phone in the back pocket, (not ideal because it probably will stretch the pocket out - so i do that sparingly when i need my hands free)
  5. The rectangular mini is $3100, still within your budget. There might be seasonal bags offered in September that could be within $3200. Just buy from BG and get it shipped to you so that there's no taxes.
  6. If you go on YouTube and look at chase Amiee sq. Mini vs. rectangular mini video, it gives you a good idea of what fits
  7. I thought rectangular minis were $2,900 USD? At least that's what it was at the end of March...
  8. Where did everyone get their rectangular minis from? I went to Saks and the Chanel boutique (several times) and no luck.
  9. Do you guys think that the strap/chain on the mini would be too long for someone whose only 4'11 tall? I'm not quite 5 feet yet, and I don't want my bag to be so low that it's dragging on the ground, LOL
  10. I am borderline 5 ft and I have the chevron square mini. I find I can wear that bag cross body and on one shoulder perfectly but with the rectangular mini that would be a bit too long. I love my square mini and I think you will love it too! It's so versatile... And does fit a lot more than my WOC!! Good luck with your decision :smile:
  11. I'm 5"1 (just!) and the rectangular sits perfectly cross body, but strap is a bit long when worn on the shoulder.

    There's alot of posts on this forum about how to shorten straps usung ribbon or binder clips. Or you can ask your SA when you buy the bag if they have clips available to help shorten the strap - I was given a set with my mini. The clips look like this:

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  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462280126.415592.jpg

    this is what I fit in plus my iPhone 6s - short wallet, cardholder, lippie and I can squeeze in a packet of tissue too

    i don't think it can fit the iphone 6plus.

  13. I have the rectangular mini and it fits the iPhone 6+. I don't use a wallet though, just a cardholder, keys, lipstick and Chapstick. Sometimes I also add a small pouch for cash or a thin tissue pack.
  14. how do you use these clips to shorten? do you use both at once?