How much can you stuff into the medium double flap?

  1. Hi everyone! I am thinking about getting a medium double flap, but I am concerned that I won't be able to carry my essentials, which are a wallet, blackberry, small cosmetic case, and iPod. Could any double flap owners tell me what you can fit in yours?

  2. I can comfortably fit a small card wallet, blackberry, one lipgloss tube, lv cles, and a pen.
  3. you could probably fit everything else but your small cosmetic case. maybe you can just take your make-up essentials.
  4. Any you can always go for the shuffle or nano, if you're using the larger Ipod. BTW, my medium holds a long wallet, checkbook, lip gloss, nail file, car keys (if they're not in a pocket).
  5. It works well for me as an evening bag for my day to day stuff mine is just too small.
    Guess I lug alot of "must haves" :O
  6. I can't fit very much in mine, so I usually use it as an evening bag. I can fit my blackberry, makeup essentials, keys, and small wallet.
  7. If I am going to be carrying more makeup touch up items then I don't take my whole wallet, only what I need out of the wallet for the day. So, that is how I deal with the limited space....but I love the bag!!!
  8. None of my Chanel sunnies fit into this size, but my Michael Kors do, so that's fine.

    Right now I'm carrying an LV Ludlow wallet, keys. MK sunnies, lipgloss and phone. But my digital camera would fit too. It's tight but it all fits in there.
  9. Here are pics that I posted in another thread about "what's in your Chanel". Mine is a Med. Hope this helps.
    1C.jpg 2a.jpg
  10. That helps tons! Thanks everyone!
  11. Not much... I can only put my small coach wallet, my lipstick, eyeliner, compact, keys, iPOD Nano and cellphone.. And that's it!
  12. It really has limited space. But I don't use mine as a every day bag, so that's fine with me.