How much can you fit into a Speedy 25?

  1. Well, let it out:yes:! I'm thorned between 25 and 30, I want a bag that is roomy but not too big as I'm petite.:shame:

  2. For me the 25 is way to small. I need a 30. I normally carry 2 pochettes, a koala wallet, a 6 key holder, a cles, a 160gig iPod, and a cell phone
  3. I'm 5'1" and I carry a mono speedy 25. My cellphone, minipochette, vernis flat pouch, wallet, pocket agenda and hairbrush fit in perfectly well. I used to think the speedy 30 would look too big on me but I got myself an MC speedy and I've changed my mind ever since. The mono speedy 30 looks too big on me, though, because of the way it sags. The MC speedy doesnt sag too much because of the hardware at the corners.

  4. I have a mono speedy 25, and a 30. I usually carry the 25 though because of the sag on the 30.

    I carry in my Mono 25:

    A porte tresor international wallet, mono
    My Koala Agenda
    Mono cles
    mono cosmetic case
    mini umbrella

    There's a LOT of room, much more than you would think.

    If you are tiny, I would pick the 25. I only use my 30 if I'm shopping and want to cram a lot of extras in it and I love it too.

    If I'm going out - I think the 25 is cute.
  5. My 25 can fit a lot! I have 2 kids. When I use it, it consists of my wallet (on the slimmer side), 5 lipglosses, MAC eyeshadow palette, some blush, a bottle, a diaper or two, some matchbox cars, granola bars, check book. Those are all staples when I leave the house. LOL

    Try them both on to get a better idea of what you want to be carrying! Good luck!
  6. Thank you all for answering! Well it seems like a 25 will be good for me:yes:. Think I'm going to buy it in February next excited!
  7. By the way do Damier Canvas exist in 25?

  8. yup, you can find the damier in 25 and 30 :smile: goodluck! i just purchased a 30 myself and think its much better than the 25 and i am petite as well, just a little over 5'1" :smile:
  9. I'm 5'5" and I prefer the 25 on myself.
  10. I have had the 25 for a few years but just ordered the 30! I got the 30 because I started having a lot of trouble carrying my things in the 25 because it started to seem too small...

    I like to fit 2 wristlets, a wallet, a tiny brush, my sunglasses case, maybe my glasses case if my contacts feel like they might bug me (I kind of developed an allergy so now that's an extra thing to carry lately are my glasses) I like to carry a few snack bars since I go long hours in between meals, and I like to carry a couple makeup compacts like powder and bronzer as well as my liquid foundation, so some makeup is in there openly. I occasionally add a few things here and there though, like recently I borrowed a GPS and had to fit it in there and it was almost impossible with all my things! So I'm thinking the 30 is perfect for some extra room to rummage around and to fit some other things once in a while without a problem.

    Also, I'm 5'2" for a measurement! And like 105lbs, so petite. The 25 looked really nice but I think the 30 will be a good size too.
  11. The 25 Fits A LOT! I can fit fit my wallet, a water bottle, an extra pair of heels, a make up bag, phone, kleenex packet, camera, keys and cles, and still have room to spare for small miscellaneous things. A amagazine won't fit though.

    The 30 fits a lot more and is great for magazines. If you don't carry too much, I would say its enough for an overnight if you live in a warm place wher eyou dont need to pack clothing.
  12. I loooooooove the's the perfect size for me! (Well actually I wouldn't mind if they came out with a 27.5, lol!) anyway, I have an agenda, 2 cosmetic cases, my phone, my wallet, a small notebook, a key holder, a pill holder, and several other little things in mine! It fits quite a bit!
  13. wow.. i didn't know the 25 would fit so much?! the first time i saw it (like when i actually requested to have it brought in front of me to check out), i felt like it was sooo small (not roomy at all) and even though i'm a petite person 5'1 i wasn't too sure about it. do you think it will hold all of this:

    -umbrella (the extendable ones if u know what i mean)
    -wallet + cles
    - long sleeve shirt/thin jacket
    - cellphone
    - waterbottle
    - cosmetic case
  14. You MIGHT be able to physically fit a thin shirt on top of those things, but otherwise it either won't fit or will look really stiff and overstuffed. I don't know how some people carry so much, maybe I just like to have some room where other's like to fill to the brim or keep things in a certain arrangement to make it fit? Not sure...