How much can you fit in your Saleya MM

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  1. I have 3 kids and was trying to get an idea of how much a Saleya MM can hold. I was originally looking to purchase something not too big because I wanted to use it for me as a purse too...but have since decided to purchase a tote and save for a berkeley for just me. So, my options have opened a bit. I thought there was a thread at one time about how much bags hold but I'm not the best at finding things. If you have pic's of what your MM holds that would be great. Thanks!!!
  2. or if anyone knows where I can look if this thread exists already? Thanks
  3. hi there! I want a Saleya MM too. I haven't seen it IRL but I soooo want one! It would be the perfect size. I haven't found any pictures of what the MM size holds, sorry. But there are pics from Jane with how much the PM size holds.