How much can you fit in your Jasmin?

  1. I'm thinking about getting a red epi Jasmin for my next purchase, but I'm wondering if I would get enough use out of it because I tend to carry a lot. I keep a full size wallet, checkbook, cell phone, small makeup pouch, small brush and my work badge. Would I be able to get much use out of a Jasmin?:confused1:
  2. oh yes .. I have the Pont-neuf, but loves the Jasmin aswell, and for what I have seen, there can be a bit more in the jasmin than the pont-neuf..
  3. my Jasmin can hold a lot: wallet, cell phone, makeup, keys, and even my medium agenda
  4. I think you could fit all of it in. Depends how big your makeup pouch is. I have the mono pti, damier agenda, razr cell phone, and I use the little pouch that came with my large bucket as a makeup case. I find I can fit everything except the makeup case. I think you'll find you can use it everyday. I have it in black, but the red is equally gorgeous.
  5. I can fit a LOT in mine..I have my PTI wallet, a medium sized makeup case (holds a couple of lip glosses etc.), pens, compact, Cerises Round case, a keycase, cles and I keep my phone in my pocket because it's thin. Anyway I'd still be able to fit more in there if I needed to.
  6. My jasmine holds plenty: pocket organizer, six ring key holder, pochette cles, checkbook, husband's billfold, cell phone and a TI-83 graphing calculator.
  7. Hmm, it sounds like it can hold all I carry - okay you talked me into it! Now to find a few things to sell on eBay to supplement the money I have put away right now!
  8. I think you will love the jasmine. It was my first purchase, and I got it from Eluxury and had never seen it in real life. Red is such a hot color. Let us know when you get it.
  9. Here you go:

  10. Wow, that's a lot Karman! I should be able to fit all my stuff in a Jasmin. Thanks for the pictures!
  11. The Jasmin holds quite a bit. Here's a pic of the inside of the bag.
  12. I can hold quite a bit in my bag. I can't fit my makeup bag because I carry around a massive one, but everything else fits.
  13. Lol finally got around to taking the picture since I used it today..