How much can you fit in a ....

  1. how much can you girls fit in an signature stripe tote? I'm thinking the medium, not large.
    Pictures would be appreciated!
  2. It might not be a TON of help, but my boyfriend's mom has one and she fits a BUNCH of stuff in there!

    A Coach planner, a REALLY huge Coach wallet, keys, a cosmetic pouch, a small snack, sunglasses, and a small notepad she uses for work.
  3. A ton of stuff can fit in there.
  4. yeap, my bestie uses hers everyday - lugs around WAYY too much stuff - but is always prepared!!
  5. i have a medium one and i can fit in a coach accoridan wallet, moleskine planner, watercolour beauty case, chanel sunglassses + case (hugeee case) and still have room.
  6. It holds a LOT.