How much can u really hold in a cles??

  1. okay so i really really want something from the groom line. but idk x-mas is cmming and stuf...and its all like wallets and organizers...I would have loved if it came on a pochette. but i was looking today and i was like maybe the cles....its only $200.

    but what I wanted to know much can you really hold?? ive never actually held one (no LV stores around my neck of the woods) and i didnt wanna end up spending $200 on a gloified keychain. can you fit credit cards in it?? If gettin it...if not...well idk..(i still might get it. damn it...i have a problem):shrugs:

    thanks in advance
  2. Yes, you can fit in credit cards. I find my cles all very useful.
    Get it, it's so cute too!:yes:
  3. Can someone send me a pic or the inside with stuff in it????

  4. You'll be amazed :yes:
    I have had 5 cards,some change, recipts and 100$ in there and it still closes without issues.

    My b/f laughs at how much i stuff in there.

    I think at one point I had 12 cards in there just see see how many it would hold.
    BTW I have a mono cles.

  5. i can actually stuff my phone inside..but it doesnt look very good and i cant imagine that its good for the cles :s
    but i usually keep a few cards (4+) and a bit of cash in there and it all fits fine (i have the groom and damier ones)
  6. I use my Cles (I have three of them) for storing my CCs with the chain kept inside. I can fit about ten easily.
  7. hope these help

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. I have about 7 or 8 cards in mine, reciepts, and change. I have it attached to my keys & I'm lost without it. I keep my lisence & debit card in it so it really has my life in it.:angel:

    My Vernis Cles tho holds about 5 cards & they are a pain to get out.
  9. aww thanks sooo much guys it really helped...i think im gonna get it
  10. ^woohoo! That's definitely on my wishlist:yes:
  11. get it get it! i have both the mono cles and the groom cles and i love them both. the mono cles has held up wonderfully (3 years and counting).

    the only thing is, the interior of the groom cles is yellow, and i am more careful with it as i don't want to dirty the inside. heh.
  12. Very informative thread! Thanks! :biggrin:

    Cles is on my wishlist now too!
  13. I was actually thinking of getting the groom cles as my first LV.. but then I went to bloomies and was able to snag an mj for a 100 when it was originally 185. But my cousin who is an LV fanatic cannot live without one of these, so If I really wanted I could buy it from her down the road. I think the groom is adorable and you should go for it!
  14. why not go for the perfo cles, i think it's the biggest.