How much can the timeless clutch hold?

  1. I've done a search but I couldn't find any photos, only a couple descriptions... which don't really help because they don't include the size/ measurements of the items :sweatdrop:

    Just wondering if anyone can post a photo of how much stuff one can fit into the timeless clutch, as I'm planning on purchasing one and I keep hearing how roomy it is~
  2. Would also love to know this.
    Can people list say what they can fit into one?
    ie, mobile, normal wallet?
  3. i can fit:
    Cell phone (krazer)
    small compact
    one of those small card holder for CC's and a bit of cash
    LV keychain pouch

    But i like the little zipper compartment also fits lots of stuff. Overall, its pretty roomy for a small clutch. It does get a bit heavy though.
  4. I can honestly get as much in my timeless, as I could get in my medium flap.
  5. There is a zipper compartment in the timeless clutch? Sorry, just need to ask (hope one of u, sisters can reply give) any concern with snatch thief cos it is a clutch?
  6. Yes, there is a zipper pocket. I can usually fit:

    - cell phone;
    - lipstick & lip gloss;
    - compact (NARS, so it's pretty big and flat);
    - CCs and cash (in zip pocket);
    - sometimes a pack of cigarettes (if I'm feeling naughty).

    And in terms of an evening bag, what else do you need, right?
  7. It fits all the bare essentials you'd need on a night out. I guess the base of the bag is quite fat, which is why it can hold a lot of stuff. I have one in lambskin and use it very often for dressier parties. I would definetly recommend it. By the way, does anyone know if it has already come out in white..or whether it'll soon come out?
  8. Mine fits my wallet, phone, keys, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, and change in the pocket.
  9. Gals gals - u make me wanna get one too! argh.......
  10. They had white ones in Paris and I also remember seeing them in NYC (57th Street) just about three weeks ago.

  11. Same here. You have to choose only the necessities for sure!
  12. I squeeze lots of stuff in mine, sometimes I think thats the only size bag I should carry. if not I wind up with all sorts of randoms in there...I felt like mary poppins the other day, I took out like a book, bra(I know random) ipod, cell phone 2 chargers,jeez even my clutch and this was all in my GST! but back to the clutch the other day I had my cell in it(which is huge and right out of the flinstones!) camera, 2 lipsticks, chanel compact, blush compact and small change purse. I love this bag!!
  13. I have the black caviar one and this is what I can fit in it:

    Small LV vintage wallet. It's like a credit card holder but with a snap.
    Rizr cell phone
    Blackberry Curve
    Set of keys including my car key
    Compact mirror

    And a few other small things as well like tissues and stuff. If I don't take my Curve then my digital camera fits in perfectly. The bag is amazingly large for being a clutch. I adore it!
  14. I also love this clutch and I searched through the threads but I can't seem to find a recent price for it. Some of the ones I saw said before price hike, but how much is it currently? Can someone tell me?