How much can the poche toilettes hold??

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  1. I'd like to get a poche toilette for all my beauty/makeup/toothpaste for travel but I'm stuck between the 19 and 26 size...

    how much can you hold in either?

    Pics would be fab! TIA
  2. Which pochette toilette, 15, or cosmetique?
  3. I'm torn between the 19 and 26 sizes. I think the 15 or cosmetique would be too small for what I want it for
  4. I think for many things u should get the 26 the difference on the prices is not that big
  5. pink, how much makeup are you planning to carry? The 19 and the 26 are just larger in length actually more suitable as a clutch. If you need width and depth the cosmetique can hold alot.