How much can the Helene wallet hold?


Nov 11, 2010
I was looking at this wallet the other day and it was so cute!! But I'm not sure how much it can hold before it becomes too much? If I happen to have lots of coins will I be unable to put in at least one card in every slot? What about vise versa? From looking at it in the store it seems in order for it to really expand the sides have to bend but cards cannot bend so how will that work?

Sorry for so many questions but I really liked the look of the Helene but not sure if it's practical. Thank you!!!!


Loves LV
Jul 8, 2006
New York
I bought the Helene wallet back in October and I have been using it exclusively ever since then!

I am able to fit one credit card in each of the four credit card slots. My drivers license & work ID card both fit in the opening behind the lower two credit card slots. I also carry a separate Vera Bradley zip ID holder which holds my medical insurance cards, credit cards I don't use that often, and coupons/store rewards cards.

Unfortunately, I find that if I happen to have a lot of coins in the change section, the wallet becomes bulky and difficult to snap close. Would you consider carrying an extra change purse for your coins, or do you want to keep everything together?


Pinay in Qatar
Nov 22, 2010
You might want to consider the Origami compact wallet. It is a little bigger than the Helene and has more card slots.