How much can the Glam Totes hold????

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  1. I was at the Outlet with my DF that has been having some health issues and I think we decided to go with the Glam Patent Tote in (Black)..I put 2 on hold until tom.I just wanted to make sure they can hold enough and ask if $150.00 was a good price? I have Never purchased Patent Leather...I think it's time for something different...Seeing that I won $500.00 on a scratch ticket,Yeah...I just think being (40) I need to try a Leather bag and I've heard that Patent is easy to care for...You girl's and guy's are great enabler's..Any how, my friend is so worth the $150.00 so I think I will get what she wants..Thanks ;)
  2. wow congrats on your win!!
  3. wow, good job dawn!!!!, $150 is a great deal on a patent leather bag!!!!!, Its a great bag,very light,easy on the shoulder and easy to carry with a toddler ,you can throw all your stuff in it and still have room!!!! and its fresh and fun!!!
  4. Congrats on your win! I JUST purchased this bag today at my outlet, yes $150, and I think its a great bag at a great price. Patent leather is so easy to care for, all weather and all season (to me anyway, but I do use black bags in the summer!) Its a very nice size and I just cant wait to use it. I think its my Valentines Day present to myself so I'll probably break it out next weekend. I say definitely pick up two! Heres a modeling pic just to get an idea of how it looks on. For reference Im 5'.

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  5. Thanks so much Crystal...Yeah I wrote a Thread about getting my DF a bag to lighten up her news so to speak and she Love's the Glam patent tote...So I think in the AM.. I'm going to get the last 2 they have, 1 for her and 1 for me.....Go figure, leather and Patent at that..This is why I usually send the BF to pick up for me...Winning $500.00 on a ticket today helps ALOT...I was going put 1/2 of the $ money away for her bag, but now I can get both..There is a God!!! He know's that I need to do something nice to try and cheer up my friend...;)
  6. Yep, I'am definelty going back tom..Glad I put both on hold...I love the size and the fact that it is so easy to care for..Great with Little one's,lol....Also living in NH. , I need an all weather bag...Wow, it's true you do get enabled here on TPF, but I love it!!!!!;)
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Thanks Jenn222, I bought a $5.00 ticket and won $10.00..So I said 1 more, I bought a $10.00 ticket and one $500.00..The man behind me said he was going for the same ticket..I was in the Right place at the Right time for once,lol...Thanks again..:yahoo:
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    Yep, gotta have it for both of us...That does hold Alot...Thanks for the Pic.s ghall....For Poppy, this is a nice bag, but then again most of them are....;)
  10. yayyyy for you!!!!,,,maybe monday i'll go back and get the hot pink Metallic glam tote!!!!!!!
  11. NICE!! How fun to win! :smile: You are very sweet to get your friend a bag! :smile: I am using my glam tote today, its the silver one instead of patent! I decided I needed to really carry it for a few days to decide whether or not I need more of!! :smile:
    I think you will love the patent...I know I do when its so rainy and nasty in Oregon sometimes! :smile: Enjoy your new bag! :smile:
  12. Well, thanks Ladie's...I just hope it cheers her up...She seemed pretty happy tonight, but I told her we could go back in the morning to make sure it's what she wants..Like I said, if I didn't win that money, I would have had to wait 2 weeks to get her a bag..(Everything happens for a Reason)I just called her and she's excited....So thanks again, and I cannot believe I will have my 1st Leather bag...(Never say Never,lol)...Now I wish I had joined the RAOK, I could have had fun spending at Coach for another Coachie,lol...2 bags, $300.00, you can't beat that..$200.00 to spare, actually, share with the kids....:biggrin:
  13. ;)Thanks, I just want to be here for her and do whatever I can to make her smile everyday...I guess my fellow Coachie's have rubbed off on me, in a Good way...I just hear so many Good things about the different leather's..If I'am going to have a leather bag, I want Patent...Thanks again..They will be our's Tomorrow...:graucho:
  14. Oh sounds Pretty..I didn't see that one..They actually didn't have tons of Poppy...More MFF bags and my friend did Not like them,lol...Not a bad choice for her 1st Coach ever!!!!
  15. I'am 5ft as well...This is my Valentine's Gift to me too...Usually my BF helps pay, but this one will be purchased by me only and that feels nice...Congrat's on yours.