How Much Can the Alma Fit?

  1. I am in love w/ the damier alma but I'm wondering how much it can actually it a practical every day bag for work?
  2. It holds a good amount and is very practical.
  3. this bag can carry a TON of stuff and it is TDF in the damier. i say go for it and please post pics after you get it! :yes:
  4. There´s a thread on this with pics, it´s very helpful :flowers:
  5. yes it's vey practical
  6. i tend to not overload it, but then again I do not overload the ManhattanGM either.

    I think carrying to much in it might not be good, but go to LV and load the purse up with your stuff and see what you think !
  7. I have the black epi alma and use it for work. It's a great bag and can hold alot of stuff, even a water bottle. Just be sure to not totally stuff it, otherwise the bag will be out of shape.
  8. I agree. It can hold more than I initially thought.