how much can refurbishing do for a Birkin?

  1. Wondering, those of you who've had Hermes do some reconditioning, how did it go? Do they change the handles, for instance, if they've darkened? How long did it take? And may I ask how much they charged for this?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. They charge $80 for cleaning and they did a marvelous job. Of course, it depends on the amount of damage on the bag. If you bring it directly to NYC Claude or Pierre will evaluate your bag and tell you what can and can't be done. It took me 2 months to get my bags back. Also, I was informed that the price for cleaning may go up, when I don't know. Changing the handles, and other extensive repairs, may require that the bag be sent to Paris, which may mean you don't see your bag for a while. Also, Claude will usually give you an estimate on the repairs before you sign your request form.
  3. This may sound stupid..which Hermes store will have a "Claude" in there? only the flagship store? Paris, NYC, Tokyo, Bev Hills? or how does it work? thx..:love:
  4. Experts, please correct me if I'm wrong ... I think the West Coast refurbishing is done by Manuella (or is it Emmanuella?) at Beverly Hills whereas the stores on the East Coast are done by Claude in New York?
  5. :huh: :huh: :huh:
  6. I only mention Claude because OP lives in Brooklyn. Her bags will be refurbished by him.
  7. BTW, only major stores will have craftsmen who can do repairs. Kou, you are correct, but I don't know the craftsperson's name.
  8. hèrmes may not be able to do wonders but they are pretty close.
    they are able to change hardware handles etc. but of course it depends on each case. but if it had to go to paris it can take month until you get it back but then it looks like fresh from the box.
  9. East Coast bags go to Claude (NYC flagship) West Coast bags go to Beverly Hills. There is a woman that works there, can't remember her name. :smile:
  10. Since we're talking about refurbishing - I have a black togo Birkin that I bought on the secondary market.

    Love it dearly and use it lots -- so, it's time for refurbishing. It has the shooting star on it near the Hermes logo, and a friend told me that I shouldn't even bother bringing it into the NYC store b/c they won't refurbish those bags. Can that be true???:sick: :sick:
  11. yes that is right but hasn´t your reseller told you so?? bad business
  12. Sorry, those shooting star bags are very special and collectable but can never be refurbished at H.
  13. Any suggestions as to how/where I might be able to get her some TLC?
  14. Thanks HG!! I guess in order for me to meet Claude, I'll have to take my bag to a store on the East Coast then. All these talks about Claude had me very curious.
  15. Wait a minute, your seller NEVER told you that? That sux ... that's crucial information that should be revealed.