How much can one fit???

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  1. #1 Sep 28, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    Hello ladies. I know there have been threads on the Campana bags but I am not sure if there is one like this.

    I am interested in the bag but am not sure whether I want the large or the medium.

    The lovely SA at the AC store sent me a large nero campana and while I love it, I am wondering if it is a tad too big.

    For those of you who have the medium, what can you fit in the bag without it being too tight?

    I have my BV zip around wallet, hard sunglass case (I think they are making these cases bigger all the time), a coin purse, extra card case and a pouch for all my bits and bobs. I am wondering if all this would be too tight and things would be falling all over each other. I hope I am making sense.

    BTW, does anybody know if the Princess of Denmark is carrying the large or the medium? The bag looks lovely on her in the photos on the celebrity thread.

    Thanks so much for your help :smile:

    PS: I am also debating between the campana and the ferro sloane...decisions, decisons LOL
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    A large nero campana? Wow, that sounds wonderful!!
    I have a large ebano and I adore it to pieces. Yes, sometimes there's more space then I need but I love big bags so it doesn't bother me. I've found whenever I tried to go smaller with my handbag then on certain days I'd miss the extra room. And even though there's a lot of interior space I feel it looks great when I"m wearing. But then again your also talking to someone who absolutely loves her maxi!;)

    I noticed the pic of the princess and thought it looked like the large but I"m sure someone can chime in.
    Good luck with your decision and sorry that I don't have any insight to offer re the medium. I know just how hard a BV choice can be and I'm sure you'll make the right one for you.
  3. We have a thread called what's in your BV...let me see if I can find it.

    Cannot find it yet, but I learned that just about everything has been spilled on or inside a BV! :lol:

    Maybe if you search you can find it.
  4. Thanks :smile: I will look for it!
  5. HPIM0445.JPG

    Here's what I carry in my large campana. There's ample room for a lot more things. I find the smaller size a bit too small but sometimes I find the large a bit cavernous. If there were an intermediate size I'd definitely buy more in other colors.
  6. I have a medium campana, and although I am used to huuuge handbags, I do love this one and I am thinking that the items you listed would fit in it.
  7. I think you would be fine with the medium, although I do love large bags.

    Ferro Sloane..... what a gorgeous bag!!!!
  8. This my Medium Campana with a Med size Chameleon insert (unstructured) and my Chanel hard sunglasses case. If I take the items out of the insert, I have more room in the bag but the insert is great for keeping everything in place. The last picture is with the magnetic closure closed.
    with the strap fastened

    Magnetic closure closed
    What's inside my insert? Long BV zip around wallet, bv card case, checkbook, hand cream, sanitizer, 3 lip gloss, 1 pen, pochette with BV mirror, other misc items and my cell phone would slide into the insert pocket.
  9. I'm waiting for mine to arrive next week but this is what I was carrying the day I bought mine and it all fit perfectly. I would not put any more in with these things, it was just right but any more would have gotten tight.

    For my taste the smaller one is dressier and the larger one more casual and slouchier. Both beautiful.

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  10. What color is this gorgeous bag?
  11. Crimson S/S 2009, the boutiques did not carry this color/style, got it at Bergdorfs, LOVE this bag!:yahoo:
  12. Not too much difference in the medium and large, i think, the large is marginally bigger.