how much can i expect to pay for a chocolate paddy?

  1. how much can i expect to pay for either chocolate paddy or any other variation of a dark brown paddy?

    also im toying with the idea of getting one so please feel free to post pictures of your bags to convince me futher!!:yes:

    also which is the dark brown that comes with dark brown lining?:confused1:

  2. Do you want the regular Paddy, or would any style work? I purchased this one from NMLC a few months back, have also seen it on e-bay from time to time. Mine does have the dark brown lining also, and the color of the bag is Moka, and it's called the front pocket Paddy. I paid around $800 for mine at NMLC. I love it, a great bag.;)
    paddy bag 003.jpg
  3. I have a mini chocolate paddy with dark lining which I recently bought off eBay in brand new with tags condition for around 600 euros.
    I have also purchased a muscade regular paddy which is used but in excellent condition for around 1000 euros. The muscade has a lighter lining, but the leather shade is TDF.
  4. Oooo isnt that a great size bag:heart:, i prefer the dark linning as it goes better with the dark brown colour.
    thanks for posting!!:tup:
  5. i like this colour:heart:
    is this the tobacco or chocolate do you think? :confused1:it has the dark brown lining:tup:
  6. chocolate :tup:
  7. yummy, its a real nice colour!