How much can fit into a Bella?

  1. I'm heading to Seattle this weekend to pick up my Bella:yahoo:. I was just wondering how much could fit into the bag
  2. idk I can fit my denaro, ipod mini, keys, gum, sunglasses and a few other items in the main compartment & a few things in the other small zippers & my phone lol.
  3. Eh it's kind of small lol. But it's so cute who cares! I can fit a small Chanel Cambon wallet, a Razr, a small coin purse with gift cards in it (which I put in the second zippered area), and a small LV agenda if I put it in at JUST the right angle. It's a tight squeeze!
  4. idk i love bellas and for me it's the perfect size haha...i guess i travel kinda light.
  5. I dont have a bella, I am a big girl and need a big bag! but i have talked to many who like small bags for everyday.
  6. I'm actually kind of surprised as to what fits in my bella! It was more than what I thought would! Here's some pics of my
    somewhat stuffed foresta bella...

    Somewhat full.. nothing in the 2nd zipper this time

    Its nice and snuggly in there. Didnt have to JAM anything in.

    Spiaggia porta (usually with my camera inside), pirata denaro, keys, VS oil blotting sheets, band aid pack, Oakleys sunglasses, cell phone (yes, the green thing), planner book, Oxi Clean on the go spray, and a Tide pen!

    I usually carry lip balm/lip gloss, gum in the 2nd zipper but I forgot to put it in the picture (I left it in my bambinone.. which I'm currently using) I usually leave my iPod nano (with toki iSkin) clipped to the metal ring of the bag instead of putting it inside. All of these things fit nicely into the bambinone too! But in the bambinone, I can fit my DS (regular one), its games, and the charger but NOT my planner (its too long)

    LOL Hope this helps! I'll post this in the other related thread.. the one about guts :greengrin:
  7. Wow, that is alot of stuff, Dana lol.
  8. Wow, the Bella fits lots! Not a style I'm really into, although I have a Bella Bella now [which I didn't think I'd like as much as I do] and it's huge for me.
  9. Wow, thats awesome. I usually carry alot of stuff with me so that works out for me.
  10. :lol: @ Jess is it really that much stuff??! :confused1: hahaha Its pretty stuffed though. I dont think I can fit anything else in there.. unless its small and flat! But as of right now, its not so full that its about to explode!

    lil_jrocker - What do you usually carry? Although it looks like I can fit a lot into my bella, it really depends on WHAT I carry. Its like a puzzle piece.. you gotta make sure everything fits :smile:
  11. I just recently got into bellas and I adore the style. It doesn't hold everything I normally carry so it forces me to scale back a little or put the overflow into my campeggios/cucciolos (diaper bags).
  12. Well I usually carry big bags so i usually have my wallet, my house keys, my car keys, my ipod, my cell phone, my camera, my drumsticks, sometimes my water bottle. But when I was the Bella I fell in love with it. So i guess i have to go without the drumsticks and digi cam
  13. mmmm this makes me really excited for my lamore bella i put on presale today xD
  14. Dana, I guess I just think that's alot of stuff because it's wayy more than I put in mine haha...but that's because I'm a light traveler :biggrin: hahahahhhha. I don't really carry stuff I don't need or maybe won't need. Sometimes that's a good thing...sometimes not haha.
  15. dana - i love how you have both the tide pen and the oxiclean in your bag :biggrin: - double the protection!