How much can fit in a pochette bosphore?

  1. Everytime I go to buy a cross-body bag I end up getting a pretty handheld bag. Then when I'm out doing serious shopping I wish I had one. If you have any pics of what fits inside I would be grateful.
  2. Does anyone know if this can hold a pochette wallet , glasses , 4keyholder , and a phone at the bare minimum?
  3. Hi, I have the Pochette Melville which is of similar size, it fits in quite alot, Agenda, keyholder, small books, camera, sunglasses. I think its good size, holds alot more than I thought.
  4. I'm actually interested in getting one of these bags too. I do hope to get one soon!
  5. I am going to purchase my first Louis (I'm so excited) and I'm trying to decide if I want the Damier Azur Pochette Bosphore with a Damier Azur Alexandra wallet or if I should go and get the new Damier Azur Berkeley bag. Any thoughts or suggestions? I love the Damier Azur line, but I don't know anything about how to clean it or if it gets really dirty...please help :smile: Also, the Damier Azur line, but everyone has the Speedy...what if the Berkeley is sold out, Speedy instead?
  6. I have still never bought this bag and did a search on it and my own thread came up. I have bought some cheaper crossbody bags but they are so heavy , to small, or to big. I also am having trouble deciding if I should save for the Damier ebene or the mono.
  7. There is a picture of Ashley Tisdale wearing it in the Celebrity section.
  8. This bag fits quite a bit. I use it when I travel and I can fit 4 passports, my Ludlow wallet, cell phone, walkie talkie, sunglasses, many other small items such as comb, lipstick, pill box etc. It's a good hands free bag for sure. I especially loved using it at the buffets in Vegas! I really needed both my hands for all the food I got =)
  9. I have the bag, I'll take some pics for you later. Honestly, if you pack a lot then it doesn't fit a lot but it does fit the essentials. Namely my wallet, camera (without a case), phone, keys and a cles, and that's literally it. That is without ruining the look of the bag, of course you can overstuff which I've seen people do but I think it ruins the look of the bag.
  10. I used it yesterday at a concert (Boys to Men) It held my snapped billfold and coin wallet, a big brush, lipliner,lipstick,lipglass,small ysl compact, and short mac powder brush,. The front pocket had tickets and money. I also put my sunglasses in bag when it became dark.

    I also have Bosphore Gm. I use this alot for shopping too and it holds all. Pouchette 15 and 19, agenda brush, mints,pens etc.

    I like messenger bags and they fit my casual dress style.
    My next bag is also a messenger by Hermes (evelyne 3)
  11. I used it yesterday for a day trip. I had a bottle of lotion, LV sunnies & case, accordeon wallet, cellphone, keys in vernis key holder, camera, and DBF's sunnies in there. If you do a search in what's inside your LV, I should have a pic in there somewhere from when I took it with me to Houston a couple of months ago.
  12. i like my pretty lil eva. with that long strap, its hella handy!