How much can a Marin clutch hold?

  1. So I wonder.. How much can a Marin clutch hold? :shrugs: I am still not getting a good feel inspite of estimating and staring at NAP's pictures.

    TIA! :smile:
  2. I had this clutch in Electric Blue and sold it. It is a good size clutch about the size of the Arad. It will hold all the esentials, wallet, keys, cell phone, small make-up bag. It may look a little lumpy if you get too much in it though and not lay flat under your arm. I really love the style, but it is kind of a heavy bag for a clutch IMO and has only that small wrist strap. I need a shoulder strap and would have kept it if there had been a way to attach one.
  3. I agree.. I have this bag too. It will hold a lot but it starts looking "fat".. But I still love it. The minute I wear it I have 10 girls making compliments.
  4. Thanks Jm and LGY STYL! Appreciate it! :tup:

    LGY STYL - since you still have it.. I was wondering if you know how much it weighs by itself?? Let me know when you get the chance??:girlsigh: TIA!
  5. I also have this clutch and I agree with jmcadon and LGY STYL-people give compliments whenever I carry it. When I first got it, I was actually shocked at how much it could hold. With regards to its weight, I would say between 2-3lbs. Hope this helps:smile:
  6. I just weighed mine and without anything in it , it's 1.6lbs. The clutch holds everything I put in my other bags.
  7. Fabulous!! Not too heavy then!! :okay:

    Oh J Star - are your babies Mini-pins?? Cute! :tender:
  8. Yes my cutie pies are Min Pins. I hope you get the bag abilicious, be sure to post pictures

    I failed to mention that I put almost everything into the clutch. Minus my sunglasses, I usually use the bag in the evenings so I don't need them.
  9. hi!

    i have the marin clutch in the white shimmery finish. i've noticed that the transition from my big bag to this one is not good. i leave have my stuff behind and put my licence and credit card in my jean pocket when i go out. i have found the second zippered compartment on the outside totally useless being that if you do put anything in there, the bag looks all lumpy.

    it is a nice bag to own though. lots of luck!

    ps. i love the mini's they are adorable!

  10. Thanks for the input Roe! I have yet to see one IRL. I was more than ready then my trip to FL got cancelled. Grrr..

    Hey J Star - love them! I have a mini-pin too but I left her back home. Her name's Coffee. Love her!
  11. I put my cell phone in the small pocket and it's fine :shrugs: maybe it's the leather? When I get the chance i'll get pictures of the clutch with my stuff in it. That's if you're interested.
  12. Yes, post pics! :yes: thanks jstar!
  13. yah...can i see the pic?and im so excited to see that...
  14. The first picture is most of my stuff ( I don't carry my sunglasses and a wristlet filled with store cards (sephora, grocery,cvs...) because I usually use the bag in the evening) There is a Dior dice that is attached to my phone so you will see where I put the phone.
    DSCN3834.jpg DSCN3835.jpg DSCN3837.jpg DSCN3840.jpg DSCN3841.jpg
  15. and two more....oh and with all of my stuff it weighs 3.0lbs Makeup bag, wallet, change purse and phone.
    DSCN3842.jpg DSCN3843.jpg